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Notes on test coverage - jml :: Jonathan Lange
every new project should have 100% test coverage
every existing project should have a ratchet that enforces increasing coverage
“100% coverage” means that every line is either:
covered by the test suite
or has some markup in code saying that it is explicitly not covered, and why that’s the case
these should be enforced in CI
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5 minutes ago by pozorvlak
Kragen Javier Sitaker’s home page
Hi, I’m Kragen. Here is an incomplete list of my web pages.
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9 hours ago by mwishek
The Origin of the Shell
Then in 64 came the Multics design time, in which I was not much involved, because I had made it clear I wanted to return to France in mid 65. However, this idea of using commands somehow like a programming language was still in the back of my mind. Christopher Strachey, a British scientist, had visited MIT about that time, and his macro-generator design appeared to me a very solid base for a command language, in particular the techniques for quoting and passing arguments. Without being invited on the subject, I wrote a paper explaining how the Multics command language could be designed with this objective. And I coined the word "shell" to name it. It must have been at the end of 64 or beginning of 65.
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2 days ago by pozorvlak

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