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Building a computer by wiring together TTL logic, starting with NAND gates
programming  computers  games  via:metafilter 
2 days ago by nelson
Enable Alt Key in Xterm - Pratik Sinha
XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true
XTerm*eightBitInput: false

needs to be added to ~/.Xresources not ~/.Xdefaults
Linux  xterm  alt  weechat  Computers  slackware64 
2 days ago by themanjay
Ethical OS
A guide to anticipating the future impact of today's technology, or: how not to regret the things you will build
ethics  tech  technology  computers  internet  future  philosophy 
3 days ago by msszczep
Real World Haskell
Other introduction to Haskell, SO recommended
Computers  Coding  Haskell 
5 days ago by ChairmanK

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