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iLab Neuromorphic Vision C++ Toolkit (iNVT)
The iLab Neuromorphic Vision C++ Toolkit (iNVT, pronounced ``invent'') is a comprehensive set of C++ classes for the development of neuromorphic models of vision. Neuromorphic models are computational neuroscience algorithms whose architecture and function is closely inspired from biological brains. The iLab Neuromorphic Vision C++ Toolkit comprises not only base classes for images, neurons, and brain areas, but also fully-developed models such as our model of bottom-up visual attention and of Bayesian surprise.
25 days ago by tonyyet
SiliconAnalysis/rompar: Semi-automatic extraction of data from microscopic images of Masked ROM.
Semi-automatic extraction of data from microscopic images of Masked ROM. - SiliconAnalysis/rompar
pyqt  computer_vision  rom  tool  reverse_engineering 
4 weeks ago by raphman
maptk: Motion-imagery Aerial Photogrammetry Toolkit
Motion-imagery Aerial Photogrammetry Toolkit. Contribute to Kitware/maptk development by creating an account on GitHub.
Github  Computer_Vision  Library  Aerial 
5 weeks ago by algento
Real-Time Object Detection for Drones
Step-by-step tutorial to run an object detection model on a drone’s live video feed.
ai  camera  computer_vision  data  machine_learning  nginx  capture 
7 weeks ago by grinful
Computer vision: how Israel’s secret soldiers drive its tech success
November 20, 2018 | Financial Times | Mehul Srivastava in Tel Aviv.
.... those experiences that have helped such a tiny country become a leader in one of the most promising frontiers in the technology world: computer vision. Despite the unwieldy name it is an area that has come of age in the past few years, covering applications across dozens of industries that have one thing in common: the need for computers to figure out what their cameras are seeing, and for those computers to tell them what to do next.........Computer vision has become the connecting thread between some of Israel’s most valuable and promising tech companies. And unlike Israel’s traditional strengths— cyber security and mapping — computer vision slides into a broad range of different civilian industries, spawning companies in agriculture, medicine, sports, self-driving cars, the diamond industry and even shopping. 

In Israel, this lucrative field has benefited from a large pool of engineers and entrepreneurs trained for that very task in an elite, little-known group in the military — Unit 9900 — where they fine-tuned computer algorithms to digest millions of surveillance photos and sift out actionable intelligence. .........The full name for Unit 9900 — the Terrain Analysis, Accurate Mapping, Visual Collection and Interpretation Agency — hints at how it has created a critical mass of engineers indispensable for the future of this industry. The secretive unit has only recently allowed limited discussion of its work. But with an estimated 25,000 graduates, it has created a deep pool of talent that the tech sector has snapped up. 

Soldiers in Unit 9900 are assigned to strip out nuggets of intelligence from the images provided by Israel’s drones and satellites — from surveilling the crowded, chaotic streets of the Gaza Strip to the unending swaths of desert in Syria and the Sinai. 

With so much data to pour over, Unit 9900 came up with solutions, including recruiting Israelis on the autistic spectrum for their analytical and visual skills. In recent years, says Shir Agassi, who served in Unit 9900 for more than seven years, it learned to automate much of the process, teaching algorithms to spot nuances, slight variations in landscapes and how their targets moved and behaved.....“We had to take all these photos, all this film, all this geospatial evidence and break it down: how do you know what you’re seeing, what’s behind it, how will it impact your intelligence decisions?” .....“You’re asking yourself — if you were the enemy, where would you hide? Where are the tall buildings, where’s the element of surprise? Can you drive there, what will be the impact of weather on all this analysis?”

Computer vision was essential to this task....Teaching computers to look for variations allowed the unit to quickly scan thousands of kilometres of background to find actionable intelligence. “You have to find ways not just to make yourself more efficient, but also to find things that the regular eye can’t,” she says. “You need computer vision to answer these questions.”.....The development of massive databases — from close-ups of farm insects to medical scans to traffic data — has given Israeli companies a valuable headstart over rivals. And in an industry where every new image teaches the algorithm something useful, that has made catching up difficult.......“Computer vision is absolutely the thread that ties us to other Israeli companies,” he says. “I need people with the same unique DNA — smart PhDs in mathematics, neural network analysis — to tell a player in the NBA how to improve his jump shot.”
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8 weeks ago by jerryking
CVPR 2012 tutorial
Structured Prediction and Learning in Computer Vision
Tutorial  Machine_Learning  Computer_Vision 
9 weeks ago by algento
Computer Vision: Object and People Tracking 
SS 2015 - Computer Vision: Object and People Tracking. AG Stricker University of Kaiserslautern
Lecture  Object_Tracking  Computer_Vision 
9 weeks ago by algento

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