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Nick Collins
stumbled on trying to find the damn hidden album breakbeats...grr. Damn music archive, internet...
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april 2018 by bytezen
Computational Thinking in Sound
stumbled on through comment from Jindrich Mynarz sonic pi dub video, "digital music making course". This book is related to the NSFComputing Thinking through Computing and Music workshop (pinned)
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april 2018 by bytezen
Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities (CCARH)
CCARH is a research facility which constructs databases and creates programs to allow researchers to access, analyze, print, and electronically perform music. The site includes documentation and tutorials on music notation, score production, and computer-assisted analysis using MuseData, SCORE, Humdrum, and other tools. See the CCARHWiki,, for links to some printable scores and parts.

Maintained by: Stanford University
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february 2018 by HarvardMusicLib
Inspired by other music/audio programming languages such as PPMCK, LilyPond and ChucK, Alda aims to be a powerful and flexible programming language for the musician who wants to easily compose and generate music on the fly, using naught but a text editor. Alda is designed in a way that equally favors aesthetics, flexibility and ease of use, with (eventual) support for the text-based creation of all manner of music: classical, popular, chiptune, electroacoustic, and more!
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december 2015 by shj333
About Pedro Kroger - Pedro Kroger
My background is a little bit unusual and I often don’t know how to answer the simple question “What do you do?”.

The long answer is that I studied music composition in Brazil and at the University of Texas at Austin and I was a visiting professor at the Stanford University. Although my doctorate was in composition, my dissertation was on computer music where I developed a language for sound synthesis. I have been programming since the early 90s and I’ve worked with languages such as Pascal, Tcl, Common Lisp, Scheme, and Python.

I love long term travel and lived and visited different places in the USA, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Recently, I became interested in bootstrapping a business so I’m working on some products, like a book to teach music to programmers, a few iOS apps (update: it didn’t work out), and a book about PyCharm.

So when people ask what I do I never know if I should say composer, professor, programmer, traveler, or bootstrapper
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may 2015 by gdw
Radio Web MACBA
found from forums (or livid instruments forums)
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february 2015 by bytezen

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