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Kademlia Paper
Kademlia is a DHT-based technology used in Bittorrent. This paper outlines the technical specifications in more detail.
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4 days ago by seanclynch
The memory models that underlie programming languages (2016) (
By Kragen Javier Sitaker. Last updated 2016.

There are about six major conceptualizations of memory, which I’m calling “memory models”², that dominate today’s programming. Three of them derive from the three most historically important programming languages of the 1950s — COBOL, LISP, and FORTRAN — and the other three derive from the three historically important data storage systems: magnetic tape, Unix-style hierarchical filesystems, and relational databases.

These models shape what our programming languages can or cannot do at a much deeper layer than mere syntax or even type systems. Mysteriously, I’ve never seen a good explanation of them — you pretty much just have to absorb them by osmosis instead of having them explained to you — and so I’m going to try now. Then I’m going to explain some possible alternatives to the mainstream options and why they might be interesting.
4 days ago by rcyphers
Deep Learning - The Straight Dope
This repo contains an incremental sequence of notebooks designed to teach deep learning, Apache MXNet (incubating), and the gluon interface. Our goal is to leverage the strengths of Jupyter notebooks to present prose, graphics, equations, and code together in one place.
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4 days ago by vicchow

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