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Masstree: A cache-friendly mashup of tries and B-trees
Cache Craftiness for Fast Multicore Key-Value Storage

Mao et. al., EuroSys 2012
[paper, code]

The Big Idea

Consider the problem of storing, in memory, millions of (key, value) pairs, where key is a
variable-length string. If we just wanted to support point lookup, we’d use a hash table. But
assuming we want to support range queries, some kind of tree structure is probably required. One
candidate might be a traditional B+-tree.

In such a B+-tree, the number of levels of the tree a...
cache  btree  compsci  datastructures  algorithms 
4 days ago by geetarista
Daring Fireball: Latest Revision to ARM Instruction Set Includes Optimizations Just for JavaScript
Everyone can enjoy the fact that ARMv8.3 makes JavaScript faster. Comp sci nerds can further enjoy the fact that we now have CPUs being optimized for a specific weird programming language and not the other way around.
javascript  compsci  computers 
9 days ago by madamim
Steiner tree problem - Wikipedia
a generalization of two other famous combinatorial optimization problems: the (non-negative) shortest path problem and the minimum spanning tree problem
compsci  graph  algorithms 
17 days ago by tobym

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