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Let’s build a massive meta McDonald’s in Times Square
many choices and the world wide food choices homogenization regional
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yesterday by doingitwrong
Street Vendors Act, 2014 - Wikipedia
"Street Vendors: Tabled in Parliament's last session, this Bill could bring security to our urban poor"
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yesterday by doingitwrong
The Burden of Knowledge and the Death of the Renaissance Man: Is Innovation Getting Harder?
The key paper from Benjamin F. Jones on how more and more knowledge accrues costs in innovation.
breakthrough  slowdown  innovation  paradox  complexity 
2 days ago by michael.bhaskar
How Complex Systems Fail
This short paper by Richard Cook outlines the factors that contribute to failure of complex systems. Much of what is considered best practice by the operations teams of today can be linked to the ideas presented here.
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3 days ago by billglover

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