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our pages, flipped in reverse by ciaconnaa
Fifteen year old Peter Parker makes headlines when he's captured in a terrorist attack during a Sokovian science convention. Three months later, he's a household name when there's reports he busted out of a cave in some ridiculous iron suit.

With a miniaturized version of Tony Stark's infamous arc reactor in his chest.

Naturally, this means the two have to meet.
complete  ao3  marvel  spiderman  avengers  ironman 
2 hours ago by connie
flowing all this time by mtothedestiel
Three years into the mosaic Eliot takes everything he thought he knew about the normal course of things, packs it up into a metaphorical box, kicks the box off the edge of a cliff, and never looks back.
The_Magicians  Eliot_Quentin  Eliot_Quentin_Arielle  03x05  oneshot  complete  rating:E  polyamory  domestic  fluff  hurt_comfort  romance  length:5k 
3 hours ago by emi.caro
Alex Ovechkin/Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin - ABO
Sid's heat is so intense just one Russian isn't enough :DDDDD seriously, the scenario can make as little or as much sense as you want, I just want omega Sid getting traded between Geno and Ovi
Complete  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin/Alexander_Ovechkin  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Evgeni_Malkin  Character:Alexander_Ovechkin  Kink:A/B/O  Rating:Explicit 
21 hours ago by sinbinmod
Backstrom/Ovechkin, marriage of convienance
This trope pops up a lot in Sid/Geno fics but I desperately want to see it for Nicky and Ovi!

Ovi gets outed and Russia flips a shit; and in order to protect him both in the media and from any potential backlash by the Russian gov't through a Swedish citizenship - Nicky marries him.

Thing is, Nicky's been in love with Ovi for years. And Ovi's been in love with him just as long. ALL THE MUTUAL UNREQUITED PINING

Just think of Ovi the Swede
Complete  Pairing:Nicklas_Backstrom/Alexander_Ovechkin  Character:Nicklas_Backstrom  Character:Alexander_Ovechkin  Kink:Marriage/bonding_of_convenience  Rating:Teen_and_Up  Link_to_Fill 
21 hours ago by sinbinmod
Ordinary Numbers by BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria
More than anything, Mike Taylor wanted to be ordinary. Being a genius, he learned early in life, meant people expected too much. A career at the MI6 Help Desk seemed the perfect way to guarantee a lifetime of obscurity, until he got a very unusual tech support call.
f:bond  complete  -wc:25k-50k  site:a03  p:bond/omc  slash  plot:humor  plot:office!politics  plot:action!adventure  plot:espionage  plot:episodic  plot:epistolary  plot:genius  plot:romance  plot:inventor  -rating:5/5  notsaved 
2 days ago by dievillain
Rules for Autocomplete
Autocompleting text with known values seems like an easy problem to solve, but so so so many UIs get it wrong. I see this frequently enough that, rather than complain about them individually, I though I’d just write down the set of rules they often break.
ui  ux  design  search  auto  complete  rule 
3 days ago by roggedoggelito
Fanfic: Adventures in Babysitting Ch 1, Supernatural | FanFiction
It all started with a hangover, a ringing doorbell, and a breakfast of champions. Dean just knew he shouldn't have gotten out of bed that morning.
series-Supernatural  series  complete  kid!fic 
4 days ago by kim
Having a Hydra-made tentacle monster on the loose in Avengers Tower should not be quite this... cuddly?
author:usedupshiver  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  au  fluff  domestic!fic  complete 
5 days ago by yuurei
Changed Locks
In his letter to Tony, Steve Rogers said, "Locks can be replaced, but – maybe they shouldn’t."

When the Rogue Avengers return to the US after being pardoned by the US government, they find that the locks have been replaced... and they no longer have the key.
author:katling  fandom:MarvelComics  gen  future!fic  au  protective!character  friendship!fic  character:TonyStark  character:ClintBarton  complete 
6 days ago by yuurei
this isn't a game by iron_spider
Peter will admit to himself that he wasn’t ready, he wasn’t ready to face Fisk, wasn’t ready to deal with what went down between them or how it went down, and he’s surprised it even came out in his favor.

He’s got a notepad file that’s set to send off to both Tony and May if he ever dies, and Karen knows exactly when to send it. The moment she’s sure his heart has stopped beating, and stopped beating for good. He was sure, when he was swinging up the layers of Fisk’s tower, that they’d be reading those words. He still kinda worries that he’s stuck in some kind of last moments before death, synapses misfiring, lying there broken amongst the glass and blood and lamenting the people he’s leaving behind.

“Hey,” Tony says, scooting forward again. He shakes his head, bracing his hand on Peter’s other arm, and despite the nervous energy in the room, the touch is calming. “The guy’s a dickhead. Old school mafia wannabe. And I am proud of you, honestly,” he says. “I just…you know how I hate this. How we all hate this.”

(Spider-man PS4's plot, set in the MCU)
complete  ao3  marvel  spiderman  avengers 
6 days ago by connie
A Fed, a General and a Linguist Walk into a Bar... by Trinket2018
Tony is hunting a serial killer in Alexandria, with competition and no back-up.

[In which Ziva and McGee turn off coms once again and Tony and Jackson get kidnapped by a goa'uld but they turn space pirate and rescue themselves.]
f:stargate  sg1  f:crossover  f:ncis  complete  -wc:25k-50k  site:a03  gen  main!char:dinozzo  kickass!dinozzo  bashing!ziva  bashing!mcgee  competent!dinozzo  ex-ncis!dinozzo  smart!dinozzo  plot:kidnapping  plot:undercover  plot:betrayal  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
7 days ago by dievillain
Dance the silence down to morning by blackkat
Obito is used to being no good. He’s used to trying and failing and trying again, progressing by inches while everyone around him is bounding forward. He’s thirteen, hardly an Uchiha at all, too weak, too clumsy, too bad at jutsus. But now there's something in his head, something filled with hurt and tempered rage, and the most chilling part is that it’s him.
complete  ao3  naruto 
7 days ago by connie
Scars on Your Heart
Determined to stop Thanos by killing him before he collects all the Stones, Tony travels back in time and seeks out the one person who can help him: Dr. Stephen Strange. With less than a week to go before Thanos's ships crashland on Earth, Tony and Strange form an alliance - and, just maybe, start falling in love.
author:SailorChibi  pairing:Strange/Tony  complete  au  angst  timetravel  future!fic  postwar  hurt/comfort  hurt!Tony  PTSD  protective!character 
7 days ago by yuurei
The Eyes Are Blind (but the heart can see) by wenwen
And the little prince added, “But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.” (Le Petit Prince // Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Obito is a homeless orphan bastard who inherited his noble father's shinobi chakra abilities. Kakashi is the head of his clan and conveniently capable of adopting clan wards.

Obito is, of course, overwhelming thrilled by this arrangement.
complete  ao3  naruto 
8 days ago by connie
Spring is Coming (Winter Soldier/Tony)
When Tony returns to Earth, he finds out that Bucky Barnes died in the Decimation.

The Winter Soldier, however, did not.
author:SailorChibi  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  au  future!fic  angst  humor  complete  postwar 
8 days ago by yuurei
put your empty hands in mine (Kitamoto/Nishimura/Natsume)
Kitamoto and Nishimura are soulmates, to absolutely no one's surprise.

But they're also soulmates with a very shy boy who lives somewhere far away, who writes to them in tiny, careful letters right before bed, who apologizes when the mimicry of bruises pop up on their arms and backs because of him.

And that's a surprise to a lot of people.
author:taizi  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou  complete  fluff  au:soulmates  protective!character  hurt/comfort  angst  character:NatsumeTakashi  au 
10 days ago by yuurei
To Protect is to Defend by glacis
Ichigo learns a different lesson when Masaki is killed. He is also much more his mother's son than his father's. He, Uryuu, and Chad band together, and change everything they touch, in both Karakura and the Rukongai.

[In which Ichigo, Uryuu and Chad form a team and protect their town, Ichigo never meets Rukia, and Gin takes down Aizen.]
f:bleach  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  gen  plot:massive!au  plot:team  plot:friendshipfic  plot:family!drama  plot:family!of!choice  plot:abuse!childabuse  main!char:ichigo  plot:orphanage  plot:parenting  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
10 days ago by dievillain

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