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Google Spent Years on a Secret New Plan to Attack a $140 Billion Industry. It All Starts Tomorrow |
It was inevitable this would happen. But all the speculation about the details are just that
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2 days ago by jayyy
Are moving fast enough in adopting a utility process? Come and find out at the on the…
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3 days ago by tguemes
Afterpay accessing AEC data under anti-terrorism, money laundering laws
The confidential information of more than 16 million Australians is being used by buy-now-pay-later providers including the controversial Afterpay, as well as debt collectors, marketing giants and betting agencies.
7 days ago by jayyy
When Mark Zuckerberg Said Privacy, He Didn’t Mean Privacy From Facebook - WSJ
Make no mistake: The fundamental premise of Facebook’s business—gathering more data about us in order to reach us with more-targeted and effective advertising—will stay the same, writes Christopher Mims.
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10 days ago by jayyy

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