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Glitch - The Friendly, Creative Community
Glitch is the friendly community where you'll build the app of your dreams
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8 hours ago by stechico
Wired Lab
THE WIRED LAB is an artist led organisation evolving interdisciplinary art practices in rural Australia. We create opportunities for the research, production and presentation of projects that connect international and local artists with communities in new ways.
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21 hours ago by derishus
today decides what tomorrow knows
Shirley doesn't know what to say. That's she's not gay? Not interested? Not looking to date? Not really a great dating prospect because she’s thirty-nine and divorced with two kids and still can’t pay off her mortgage?

Not gay, surely. That’s what she’s saying.

(A woman named Mae asks Shirley on a date. Shirley talks to God about it and gets no answer. Also, Annie keeps acting strange, and only Shirley can figure out why.)
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22 hours ago by misandrywitch
Stack Overflow - Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers
Stack Overflow is the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share​ ​their programming ​knowledge, and build their careers.
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yesterday by sikkens
Joshua Mike
My research lies in the fields of Computational Topology and Geometry. I am particularly interested in using my expertise in Statistics and Data Analysis.
yesterday by coltongrainger
Peter Bubenik | Department of Mathematics
My research is on applied topology and more specifically, topological data analysis, which studies the shape of data. More precisely, it consists of

combining ideas from topology, statistics and machine learning to develop new tools for summarizing and visualizing large, complex, high-dimensional data;
developing a general framework which quantifies topological changes using ideas from algebraic topology, algebra and category theory; and
working with collaborators to use these ideas to analyze data.
yesterday by coltongrainger
Brittany Terese Fasy
Brittany Terese Fasy is a researcher in topological data analysis. She started a research group TDA at MSU in Fall 2015.
yesterday by coltongrainger
Joshua Mirth | CSU Math
PhD student at Colorado State University, working in applied algebraic topology. My advisor is Henry Adams. I completed my Masters in Mathematics at Colorado State in 2017, and my Bachelors at Hillsdale College in 2015.
yesterday by coltongrainger

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