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China Leads the way in Eradicating Extreme Poverty
A lor of comparing things that don’t compare BUT nice tidbit at the end: using PPP,
China’s economy is already much larger than USA, so pushing for an arms race disastrous for US. exhibit A, Russia.
china  usa  economy  military  growth  Q1  2019  poverty  globalization  comparison  model  capitalism  communism 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Building a wall is a path to communism
Central planning for a wall, paid for by redistributing private wealth and built on seized private land, for the collective, is a path to communism.
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7 days ago by vdaniyan
David Graeber on a Fair Future Economy - YouTube
"David Graeber is an anthropologist, a leading figure in the Occupy movement, and one of our most original and influential public thinkers.

He comes to the RSA to address our current age of ‘total bureaucratization’, in which public and private power has gradually fused into a single entity, rife with rules and regulations, whose ultimate purpose is the extraction of wealth in the form of profits.

David will consider what it would take, in terms of intellectual clarity, political will and imaginative power – to conceive and build a flourishing and fair future economy, which would maximise the scope for individual and collective creativity, and would be sustainable and just."
democracy  liberalism  directdemocracy  borders  us  finance  globalization  bureaucracy  2015  ows  occupywallstreet  governance  government  economics  politics  policy  unschooling  unlearning  schooliness  technology  paperwork  future  utopianism  capitalism  constitution  rules  regulation  wealth  power  communism  authority  authoritarianism  creativity  neoliberalism  austerity  justice  socialjustice  society  ideology  inequality  revolution  global  international  history  law  legal  debt  freedom  money  monetarypolicy  worldbank  imf  markets  banks  banking  certification  credentials  lobbying  collusion  corruption  privatization  credentialization  deschooling  canon  firstamendment 
8 days ago by robertogreco
The Mission of the Pope – Works – Digital Collections
This is a discussion about the election of John Paul I (Albino Luciani) who, apparently, was at least as anti-communist as Karol Józef Wojtyła. Luciani's pontificate lasted from 26 August 1978 to his death 33 days later. This was recorded on the 12th day of Luciani's pontificate. I decided to post this when I heard Malachi Martin say that Jesuits trained the Sandinista marxist guerrillas in Nicaragua. It is an amazing history lesson.
catholicism  communism  history  Malachi_Martin 
8 days ago by quasiperfect
City Journal -- The theory of survival crime rationalizes stealing by Christopher F. Rufo,
'The latest fad in criminal-justice activism is the concept of “survival crime.” -- The theory holds that the homeless, the poor, and people of color commit property crimes and low-level infractions in order to secure their basic survival. Any enforcement of these laws is thus a violation of their basic human rights and should be relaxed – that is, local governments should stop enforcing any laws that “criminalize homelessness” and “criminalize poverty.” -- ...cities like Seattle and San Francisco have not just “decriminalized homelessness” or “decriminalized poverty”—they have increasingly decriminalized crime. Over the past five years, the classification of survival crime has expanded well beyond stealing the proverbial loaf of bread. In California, for instance, Proposition 47 downgraded theft of property valued at less than $950 to a misdemeanor, meaning that the police are unlikely to pursue even habitual shoplifters and thieves. The predictable result: a statewide rise in petty theft. Seattle and King County recently released new guidelines calling on police officers to stop arresting individuals for all “homelessness-related crimes,” with the goal of “eliminating racial disproportionality” and ensuring that policies “do not penalize homelessness and poverty.” Meantime, city and county prosecutors have dropped thousands of misdemeanor cases against “vulnerable populations.” All this has caused widespread frustration among residents and law enforcement officers. As one veteran Seattle cop told me: “We have basically stopped enforcing the law against the homeless population. Political leaders don’t want it and prosecutors won’t pursue charges. It’s a waste of time.” In New York City, the NYPD has backed off from arresting people for subway fare evasion, on the grounds that enforcement has a disparate impact on the poor; farebeating has risen sharply since the new policy was enacted. -- While concern is growing that these permissive policies have led to an increase in property crime, the greatest risk of survival crime theory is that we are slowly creating a parallel justice system: one for average citizens and another for politically-favored identity groups. Activists have successfully made the case that we must sacrifice equality under the law to address wider social inequalities. They are effectively arguing that our bedrock principle of “equality protection of the laws” is simply a mechanism of state oppression against the homeless, the poor, and people of color – a radical reversal of its original constitutional meaning. -- If activists are successful in this revaluation of the law, there is no obvious limit to the extension of survival-crime theory to other favored identity groups. There is already a growing literature that survival-crime protections should be extended to the LGBTQ community, sex workers, and recipients of public benefits. Under the catch-all doctrine of intersectionality, they can be extended ad infinitum, depending on the political whims of the moment. In a short time, our legal proceedings may no longer begin with the question “what is the crime” but “who is the criminal” – Lady Justice may finally take off her blindfold and play a new role as the arbiter of two separate legal systems, depending on who stands before her.' -- Comment: Brad Thunder Koch 'Welcome to anarcho-tyranny'
newspeak  victimhood  marxism  socialism  communism  pathologicalaltruism  jurisprudence  law 
11 days ago by adamcrowe
“People’s China”
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12 days ago by jpowerj

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