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ICO to audit data protection practices at Leave.EU and Eldon Insurance after fining both companies for unlawful marketing messages | ICO
The ICO has issued fines totalling £120,000 to an EU #referendum campaign and an insurance company for serious breaches of electronic marketing laws and is set to review how both are complying with data protection laws.
marketing  privacy  communications  lawenforcement  ICO  fine  auditing  brexit  democracy 
7 days ago by corrickwales
Proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation | Digital Single Market
About Digital Privacy
Blog posts
Reports and studies
The European Commission's proposal for a Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications aims at reinforcing trust and security in the Digital Single Market by updating the legal framework on ePrivacy.
privacy  eprivacy  EU  communications  regulation 
10 days ago by corrickwales
Global_Witness: Are you passionate about and social justice? We have a vacancy in our 🇺🇸 US-based C…
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11 days ago by rhyndes
Agence communautaire
"... une agence de communication au service des organismes à but non lucratif (OBNL). Sa mission est d’offrir aux organismes communautaires un soutien dans la conception, la mise en place et l’optimisation d’outils de promotion et de communication."
communautaire  communications  travail  consultation  outils  web  Internet  redaction 
12 days ago by kmo
About | Hello Monday
Hello Monday is a Digital Creative Agency in New York, Copenhagen and Aarhus that creates digital design, websites, apps, and brand identities.
marketing  branding  communications 
12 days ago by goodbyedelicious
and - both critical components in a relevant and functioning healthcare setting.

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13 days ago by danslee
State of Social 2019
A report by Buffer in partnership with Social Chain. "How marketers across the globe think about social media, what's working, how the industry is changing, and more."
socialmedia  communications  web  Internet 
14 days ago by kmo

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