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We can use colour to communicate how we feel – here's how
We can use colour to communicate how we feel – here's how
Nuala Morse and Jo Volley. The Conversation. January 22, 2018

When people are sad they are often said to be “blue”. Jealousy is implied if someone is described as being “green with envy”. Angry people “see red” while yellow is associated with happiness, and in contrast, black and shades of grey have negative connotations. Why are certain emotions associated with certain colours? And where did these associations come from?
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20 Ice Breakers to Make Your Next Meeting Fun
Meetings can be fun and productive. Use these icebreakers to unify teams, get meeting buy-in and learn more about them to become a better manager.
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Twist – Mindful Team Communication
Like something in between Slack and a message board
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