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All new by WFAE's : What Turns A Tense Moment Into A Tragedy? The Guns. Read here:…
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8 hours ago by andriak
Watch Jeremy Grantham's 'Race of Our Lives' Speech
"...capitalism and mainstream economics simply cannot deal with these problems." says major capitalist

good summary; part one of five
lol dunking on Pinker and Milton Friedman in pt 4
capitalism  environment  commentary  progress 
4 days ago by inrgbwetrust
City Plans for Urban Density Should Address Affordable Housing | Sierra Club
dense urbanization must provide affordable housing if we are to lower the curtain on the failed experiment of suburbs points out, rightly, that this op-ed is probably hypocritical coming from Sierra Club
urbanism  architecture  economy  progress  commentary  environment  sustainable 
4 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Identity is the low-hanging fruit
mostly stuff about social media tribes and left/right politics

Jonah Peretti in 1996: "I assert that the increasingly rapid rate at which images are distributed and consumed in late capitalism necessitates a corresponding increase in the rate that individuals assume and shed identities. Because advertisements link identity with the need to purchase products, the acceleration of visual culture promotes the hyper-consumption associated with late capitalism."
tech  internet  culture  capitalism  newmedia  commentary  psychology  history  politics  society 
5 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Comparing within- and between-family polygenic score prediction | bioRxiv
See this thread for our new study on polygenic scores within fraternal twin pairs! Main point: take extra care with polygenic scores for traits like IQ & education, because they're confounded by (what seem to be) socioeconomic status effects. Not so for traits like height & BMI.
The idea is that the parenting is caused by the parental genotype, so it gets (mis)classified as a genetic effect on the children. It's really another way of looking at "genetic nurture" - see the papers from last year.
study  bio  preprint  biodet  behavioral-gen  genetics  sib-study  GWAS  class  s-factor  iq  education  attention  disease  psychiatry  embodied  health  environmental-effects  parenting  regularizer  spearhead  multi  twitter  social  commentary  backup 
11 days ago by nhaliday
this land is your land
increasing rates of finding little shithole towns to gentrify (Spokane, Missoula, etc)
america  urbanism  nesting  commentary  history  culture 
11 days ago by inrgbwetrust
The Need for Speed Limits | Lapham’s Quarterly
law enforcement grew in proportion to adoption of the automobile as cities ceded streets to machines
law  politics  capitalism  transit  urbanism  commentary  culture  society  history  vehicles 
12 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Welcome to AirSpace | The Verge
airbnb/foursquare and other social media are homogenizing forces, whitewashing the globe

"Among the phenomenon’s consequences is depersonalization, in the psychiatric sense: 'a state in which one loses all sense of identity.' I personally like the AirSpace style. I can’t say no to a tasteful, clean, modern life space. But thinking through its roots and negative implications makes me reconsider my attachment. It’s hard to identify with something so empty at its core."
design  tech  travel  culture  architecture  nesting  commentary 
12 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Revisiting the rendering tier | Info | The Guardian
sass sucks at scale; atomic/functional css i.e. tachyons & basscss are good but maybe only for early days; css-in-js is probably the future
css  sass  webdev  commentary  react  javascript  code  organization  reference  management 
12 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Apple's TV Plus put on a hell of a show. It just wasn't for us - CNET
Commentary: The star-studded theatrics were mostly for the stars themselves.
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24 days ago by noiseguy
The Into the Spider-Verse Animator Commentary Track is Here!
Want to know who animated your favourite shots? Curious what could have been or how your favourite character was developed? Now you can watch along with Animation Supervisor, Joshua Beveridge, Lead Animators, Philip Rudolph, Humberto Rosa, David Blais, Julie Bernier Gosselin, and Jeff Panko, and Associate Production Manager, Sam Marks as they dive into the nitty gritty of bringing all your favourite characters to life.
spiderman  superheroes  commentary 
27 days ago by josephaleo

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