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Support for asynchronous loading (and not packing everything in one file) · Issue #58 · browserify/browserify
substack commented on 2 Aug 2013

I don't care if there is traction or not. browserify is for loading node-style modules in the browser. Asynchronous loading is not something that browserify does. If you want that, there are lots of alternatives such as requirejs that do asynchronous loading. This is not something that browserify will ever support.
github  feature  browserify  comment 
4 days ago by ndf
geocar comments on: Give me back my monolith | Lobsters
"If your application is the database (and this is easier than you probably think), your crud operations simply need to log their intentions, and then have something read the log which materialises the results into views you can use."

Note his points on doing this in Erlang, C(IPC), and Q
piperesearch  database  lobsters  comment 
5 days ago by mechazoidal
Why learn Smalltalk? | Lobsters
"To quite some extent I think the space between ObjC and Smalltalk-likes is occupied by Ruby. More Smalltalk-like than ObjC, easier C (or really, host platform code in general) FFI than a Smalltalk."
Vaelatern: "It really is, but Ruby has a bad rap these days, no advantage Python doesn’t in the realm of writing usable code, and an unfortunate load average and dependency story."

Also note the shoutouts to Newspeak(newsqueak?), Self, and Strongtalk in the thread: "find the space left out of these and between ObjC"
lobsters  comment  programming  smalltalk  ruby  objective-c 
8 days ago by mechazoidal
Why are our MPs putting blatant self-interest ahead of the Brexit vote? | Matthew d’Ancona | Opinion | The Guardian
Ghostworld 21m ago

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Sums up Brexit perfectly.

Brexit (n) - "The undefined being negotiated by the unprepared in order to get the unspecified for the uninformed."


IfItsMagic Ghostworld 17m ago

I like this one. But there is an element of nastiness that's missing. Key.


tomguard 21m ago

Who is this Will O’Thepeople chap I keep hearing about? Any relation to Iris Backstop? Just asking.....


pincuspallus tomguard 17m ago

He is the landlord of the Irish boarder.


Felixthered tomguard 13m ago

That other guy Arti Cal Fiftay.

guardian  brexit  comment  news 
8 days ago by ndf
Flock Mega Quiz is underway HQ!! ⁣
or with your answer 🥳🏆
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11 days ago by genmon
Father figures: why the new wave of visible black dads gives me hope | Life and style | The Guardian
My childhood gave me two role models for fatherhood – my biological father, who vanished, and the man I called Dad. I know which I prefer
Parenting  Fatherhood  BlackPeople  BlackMen  JosephHarker  TheGuardian  Opinion  Comment  RaceIssues  Society 
12 days ago by dk33per
You Should Not Ignore the Mastodon Social Network Any More | Lobsters
"For me the more important problems are not implementation issues with one server but rather design issues within the protocol. For example established standards such as e-mail or XMPP have a way to delegate responsibility of running a server of a particular protocol but still use bare domain for user identifies. In e-mail that is MX records in XMPP it’s DNS SRV records. ActivityPub doesn’t demand anything like it and even though Mastodon tries to provide something that would fix that issue - WebFinger, other implementations are not interested in that (e.g. Pleroma). And then one is left with instances such as “”."
lobsters  piperesearch  comment  protocol  server 
14 days ago by mechazoidal

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