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How Do I Download an Entire Website for Offline Reading?
It’s easy enough to save individual web pages for offline reading, but what if you want to download an entire website? Well, it’s easier than you think! Here are four nifty tools you can use to download any website for offline reading, zero effort required.
Wget is a command-line utility that can retrieve all kinds of files over the HTTP and FTP protocols. Since websites are served through HTTP and most web media files are accessible through HTTP or FTP, this makes Wget an excellent tool for ripping websites.

While Wget is typically used to download single files, it can be used to recursively download all pages and files that are found through an initial page:
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5 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Xcode Command Line Tools · macOS Sierra · Install
How to install Xcode Command Line Tools for macOS Sierra. Complete guide to installation.
mac  apple  xcode  commandline  macos 
yesterday by onefewercar
Program for editing json
json  cli  commandline  parser  program 
yesterday by azadag
LaTeX Boilerplates · Plain-text Document Production System
latex  markdown  pandoc  commandline  text  textsatz  writing  201812 
2 days ago by jakoubek
screenshoteer/ at master · vladocar/screenshoteer · GitHub
Make website screenshots for desktop and mobile resolutions from the commandline.
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3 days ago by obear

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