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Saga Book Three: Brian K. Vaughan: Hardcover: 9781534312210: Powell's Books
Finished 2020-02-??. Well that was a gut punch. Such a beautiful one though, esp. in the hardcover edition, which, setting aside portability, is a meaningfully better reading experience than digital.
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10 hours ago by absfac
Chris Ware's "Rusty Brown"
"Ware’s superpower is to view characters through time, to chart their thickening bodies as well as the children they were."
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19 hours ago by ingenu
Making Comics, Lynda Barry
"Does the comics legend Lynda Barry’s MAKING COMICS (Drawn & Quarterly, 200 pp., $22.95) belong on a list full of more traditional narratives? The newly minted MacArthur genius teaches “interdisciplinary creativity” at the University of Wisconsin, and this slim volume — mimicking the feel of the composition notebooks that she requires her students to keep — initially appears to be a glorified lesson plan. But my ambivalence evaporated when I actually tried one of the exercises. Using a yellow colored pencil, I closed my eyes and drew a skeleton for one minute. Then I repeated the process in orange, then blue. (The result made me so happy I put it on my fridge.) Barry’s infectious belief in art turns “Making Comics” into the ur-text out of which every other title on this list could have sprung; at the very least, it’s the self-help book of the year. As Barry reveals, “Everything good in my life came because I drew a picture.” (Park)"
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19 hours ago by ingenu
Short Cuts 40: Paper Girls Vol. 5; Black Hammer Volume 2 – The Event; The Hellblazer Vol. 4 – The Good Old Days; Mind MGMT Recruitment Book & Record | Mr. Vertigo
Paper Girls Vol. 5 Brian K. Vaughan, writer; Cliff Chiang, artist; Matthew Wilson, colors; Jared K. Fletcher, letters Image Comics, 2018 As we saw at the end of the previous volume, the girls have arrived in a distant future. Turns out that they're still in Cleveland, Ohio: but only a core part of the old…
yesterday by thx1138
Archie Comics May 2019 Solicitations - Comics Bulletin
The fine folks over at Archie Comics have released their May 2019 solicitations. It looks like a big month for the publisher, with a good rollout of titles from the “Archie Forever” and…
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yesterday by thx1138
Review: "Batman Troika TPB" Brings Back The Classic Bat - Comics Bulletin
With the release of Batman: Prelude To Knightfall back in September of 2018, DC began a nine-part collection of the Dark Knights biggest epic in celebration of its 25th anniversary. In this epic ce…
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2 days ago by thx1138
Friday Favorites: Crisis On Infinite Earths - Comics Bulletin
“Worlds will live, worlds will die and nothing will ever be the same.” When I first read this tagline for DC’s Crisis On Infinite Earths as a kid it sent shivers down my spine. Now re-reading it as…
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2 days ago by thx1138

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