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Organizing Your Comics | Quirk Books : Publishers & Seekers of All Things Awesome
New Year, New Bookshelf! As far as resolutions go, promising to get those piles and piles of comics organized and looking beautiful is a great one: it’s achievable, cheap, simple, and has an instant payoff. Just looking at shelves of beautiful comics, knowing that all of your favorites are at your fingertips…that’s a warm glow to keep you going in a cold January. The question
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7 weeks ago by jccalhoun
Occassionaly, if I have time, I go nerdy & something .
I have a little time to draw another so name…
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march 2019 by ninthart
Man Prefers Comic Books That Don’t Insert Politics Into Stories About Government-Engineered Agents Of War
I’m tired of simply trying to enjoy escapist stories in which people are tortured and experimented upon at black sites run by authoritarian governments, only to have the creators cram political messages down my throat.
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december 2018 by josephaleo
Visit the project: the of the is here! Watch the full…
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october 2018 by analogue40
Warren Ellis discussing the comics form
*This is half of a recent Ellis speech, but it’s them media-criticism half. Including a lot of digital media criticism. All those other artforms that grew out of and around comics? Comics sucked them back in and chewed them up and used them to grow new organs.
october 2018 by josephaleo

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