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Wondermark » Archive » #939; A Knight is Technically an Aristocrat
Probably the best comic strip about batman ever made. Hilarious!
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yesterday by Brandonshire
Duck Comics Revue: "Crown of the Mayas"
Having recently been wandering amongst Mayan ruins, this story seems apropos to write about. However, if I start getting all "ho ho ho! Having visited THREE ruins, I am now an EXPERT on Mayan culture!" on you, feel free to pelt me with rotten fruit. Well…a little of that may be inevitable. But I'll try not to get carried away.
As a treasure-hunt story published in 1963--when Barks was basically through with such things in any but a highly satirical tone--this story has been characterized (by me, even!) as a throwback of sorts. Which it sort of is and sort of isn't. I do wonder whether was thinking specifically about "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan" when he decided to do another story with a mythic crown in the title. BUT…
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5 days ago by fozbaca
The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library - Wikipedia
he Complete Carl Barks Disney Library is a series of books collecting all of the comic book Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge stories written and drawn by Carl Barks, originally published between late 1942 and Barks' retirement in June 1966.[1] The series was launched in late 2011, and will comprise 6000 pages over roughly 30[2][3] 240-page volumes when it is finished.
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5 days ago by fozbaca
Demonstration site of how to convert a video into a comic as part of this paper:
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6 days ago by taffit

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