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Every Dystopian YA Novel
Every dystopian YA novel:

My name is Wicker Basket and I’m the Chosen One
wickerbasket  comic  cartoon  humor  yafiction  hungergames  books 
23 hours ago by dirtystylus
X-Men: Black - Mystique (2018) #1 - Marvel Comics
THAT'S SO RAVEN! What's a day in the life for Raven Darkholme, A.K.A. Mystique? Brutal kills, revenge-fueled chills, seductive thrills...and that's all before breakfast! Award-winning author Seanan McGuire (X-MEN GOLD ANNUAL #2) and rising star Marco Failla take Marvel's multifaceted mutant murderess for a spin! PLUS: Part 3 of X-MEN BLACK: APOCALYPSE!
Marvel  comic  Mystique  SeananMcGuire 
4 days ago by realjimbob
ソルぱず ~ソルシエール×つなが●ぱず●ん~ - 肉球堂 - BOOTH(同人誌通販・ダウンロード)
precure  comic  doujin  curepuzz 
5 days ago by pillow

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