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No Such Thing As A Fish
Weekly funny facts from the creators of QI.
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4 days ago by adambyrtek
Every Little Thing He Does (is magic)
Jonny Toews is a bewitching man who moves into a mysterious mansion in a small town. Soon, he opens Bell, Book & Candle, a curiosity shop full of candles, lotions, etc., and is enthralling the children of local police chief (Patrick Kane), who believe he is a witch (but not a bad one.) But not everyone in town is appreciative of their quirky new neighbor, and it may take a little bit of magic for him to truly become part of the community.
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5 days ago by sarapod
The Comic's Comic
This is that site that Roy Wood Jr. recommended for keeping up with comics’ appearances on late-night shows.
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6 days ago by handcoding
A Brief Comedy History of the Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys are known for their important place in musical history, and New York history, but what’s often overlooked is their sense of humor — here’s a rundown of all the times they changed comedy.
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6 days ago by po
The Butterfield Diet Plan - Peter Serafinowicz - BBC Two
Formerly Friendzhip69 Professional Christian Roller Coaster Tycoon Players
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8 days ago by jacobraleigh
Tech Happens Ep 1: Look Mom No Keyboard
Formerly Friendzhip69 Professional Christian Roller Coaster Tycoon Players
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8 days ago by jacobraleigh

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