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Sarah Paulson Has Twitchy Eye From 2017 - YouTube |
the wholesomeness of this comment section is a testament to how wonderful sarah paulson is
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2 days ago by kme
Sarah Paulson Is Pretty Sure She's Friends with Rihanna - YouTube |
I need to see Sarah Paulson and Kristen Wiig in a movie they could play sisters
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2 days ago by kme
Comedians Share the Jokes They Most Regret
times changes and tastes change.
The best ones are the ones that come from self-reflection.
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2 days ago by po
The 50 Greatest Rock and Roll Movies of All Time | Consequence of Sound | Page 5
Comedy is at its best when it’s true. Rob Reiner’s 1984 rock mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap is both. It’s hilarious and yet says everything you need to know about the rock genre. When Reiner, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer came together to write the razor-sharp screenplay, they did their homework, bottling the misogyny, the recklessness, and the utter stupidity that’s haunted the scene for decades. Because of this, the film has come to serve as a ubiquitous label for critics, musicians, and fans alike, namely because most of what happens on screen isn’t at all far fetched. It’s why a musician like Steven Tyler didn’t see the humor in it and yet also why a musician like Dave Grohl proudly declared it as “the only rock movie worth watching.” He’s not wrong. In fact, it’s one of the rare comedies that gets better with age. –Michael Roffman
Song to Stream: “Stonehenge” by Spinal Tap
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3 days ago by rgl7194

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