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True colors in vim under tmux? : vim
Helped me fix my color scheme in vim. Turns out there are some specific tmux settings that you need.
vim  tmux  colors 
yesterday by stevenschobert
Period Dyes and Colors | The Medieval Tailor
Better living through chemistry was the motto of the day. For instance, I wanted a green wool and after dyeing a hank first in turmeric and then indigo, I was surprised (and  dissappointed) to get brown. I already had brown. Lots of brown. “Toss it into the ammonia bath.” Which I did and instantaneously it turned the most lovely shade of moss green. The batch of wool that I dyed in weld and indigo needed no ammonia bath to turn green. But who would have thought. And now we know why urine was so popular for dyeing fibers. It was the period ammonia and it could work wonders.
medieval  colors  renaissance 
2 days ago by since1968
Rosalie's Medieval Woman - Dyes and Colours
The rural medieval woman was often responsible for dyeing her own fabric using natural substances which were collected locally. Her city counterpart often had the luxury of purchasing fabric which was already dyed with superior substances and better mordants providing richer colours which lasted longer.
renaissance  colors  medieval  history 
2 days ago by since1968
Bytefluent | Vivify
A colorscheme editor for vim/gvim/macvim. Terminal-friendly color approximation. Vim color schemes.
dotvim  color  syntax  colors  vim  theme  colorscheme  coloring 
5 days ago by yolk
How to Auto Use Different Font Colors for Replying and Forwarding Emails with Outlook VBA
By default, you cannot let Outlook auto use different font colors for replying and forwarding emails. Therefore, if you have such a requirement, you can read this post to learn a smart approach.
Auto  Use  Different  Font  Colors  Forward  Email  Outlook  corruption  VBA  Reply  Stationery  and  Fonts 
7 days ago by DataNumen - The super fast color schemes generator
Generate perfect color combinations for your designs.
design  palette  colors 
8 days ago by NSwoRmit
Discovery Of 1st New Blue Pigment In 200 Years Leads To Quest For Elusive Red
We see colors in nature: a blue sky, a red frog, a peacock's feathers. But those colors are created by the reflection of light off atoms. To reproduce color for paints, cosmetics or dyes, we need pigment. Finding natural ones or creating them synthetically is as complicated as it is elusive.

The pigments need to be stable — not fading in light, or disintegrating with heat. And they need to be nontoxic. So when scientist Mas Subramanian accidentally discovered a new blue — meeting all those criteria — a few years back, he was hailed as a rock star in the world of colors. Now, he's on a quest for red.
Blue  Colors  Arts  Painting  Chemistry 
8 days ago by dbourn

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