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Strike Me A Match
Derek stared at the reporter on the campus lounge’s television screen, gleefully reporting on Ignition’s latest fight. Behind her floated a photograph of him mid-battle, zoomed in on where his bodysuit had been slashed open across his left shoulder blade. It was a little blurry, a little pixelated, but more than clear enough to get a good look at the black mark on the bare skin there.

“Oh shit,” came Erica’s delighted voice as she dropped down onto the couch beside Derek. “Let the circus begin!”

Derek’s his heart dropped; circus was right. He resisted the impulse to reach for the spot on his own shoulder blade that itched and burned. It wouldn’t do him any good. He could make all the calls, send in all the verifiably undoctored photos of identical marks, make all the noise and fuss he wanted. With the buzz and the confusion, it wouldn’t matter. No one would believe him.

True match-ups never made it through a circus like this.


In which Derek discovers his soulmate is a superhero too far out of his reach to ever actually be with. But it doesn't feel right to flirt back at Stiles now either, no matter how much Derek wants to. Amazing or not, he's not Derek's soulmate.
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There’s No Escape for the Potato Man - isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Who is this? Where’s Erica?”

“Wrong number, asshole!”

“Stop calling me an asshole,” the man on the other end snapped aggressively.

Stiles could understand. He’d be pretty aggressive too if he’d murdered someone and texted a wrong number to ask for help burying the body. This guy obviously failed How To Be a Serial Killer 101.

“What kind of idiot thinks I murdered someone?”
fic  teenwolf  au  college  stilesstilinski  derekhale  scottmcall  jacksonwhittmore  derek/stiles  rating:pg-13 
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Oberlin Helped Students Defame a Bakery, a Jury Says. The Punishment: $33 Million. - The New York Times
A libel case against the university has raised questions about how much a college should get involved with the protests of its students.
education  college 
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Florida State says privatizing athletics won’t change anything. Skeptics aren’t so sure. - The Washington Post
Government transparency advocates concerned the move is an effort to sidestep open-records laws.
college  sports 
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Stanford Coach Avoids Prison in Admissions Scandal. Have Colleges Avoided Blame? - The New York Times
The first sentencing in the scandal raised questions about culpability in the case and the role of universities, who have been described by prosecutors as victims.
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A Hokie horde will stretch Blacksburg in the fall | Education |
Virginia Tech will likely get 1,000 more than the 6,600 students that were initially planned. Tech and town of Blacksburg officials are looking at every possible way to accommodate the over-enrolled class.
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Opinion | The Anti-College Is on the Rise - The New York Times
Students, teachers and reformers are pushing back against the failures of mainstream higher education.
opinion  education  college 
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Wayfinding Academy
Wayfinding Academy is a 2-year college located in Portland, Oregon where
education is hand crafted for each individual student based on his or her
interests. The Wayfinding team is made up of individuals with a background
in higher education, public service, and social change who are seeking to
transform the realm of higher education in the United States.
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Outer Coast
A new two-year institution of higher education in Sitka, Alaska, inspired by Deep Springs College, focused on student self-governance, labor & service, and academics.
college  education 
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College of Lake County GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
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