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"Resonant Hole is a mutant collective cultivating dream-reality damaged audio-visual spew blurring the lines between what is real and what is fake, further adding to the confusion of everyday life."
absurd  art  surreal  reality  hyperreal  collective 
yesterday by abstresma
Flocking behaviour seen among visually equipped particles | Cosmos
“Microscopic artificial entities, known as Janus particles, when invested with a form of sight, exhibit spontaneous flocking and crowding behaviour similar to that shown by birds, fish and humans...”
“...a class of materials known as active Brownian particles (APBs)...”
flocking  behavior  emergence  collective  boids 
12 days ago by cwr
Postmates rolls out free group delivery feature | Restaurant Dive
Postmates has launched a new mobile app feature called Postmates Party, which enables users to order food for free delivery by sharing delivery drivers with other nearby Postmates users, according to a press release.
To use the new feature, users tap on the Postmates Party tab in the app, which shows which restaurants people in their area are ordering from in real time. Users have a five-minute window to decide if they want to join the delivery group "Party" and receive free delivery on the order. 
delivery  collective  trends 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Instagram appears to be testing a way to watch videos with friends
It appears the company is testing a similar co-watching feature on Instagram, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong of Hong Kong.
The feature seems like it would be accessible during a video chat on Instagram Direct, and by clicking a button to activate it (as indicated by Wong's finger).
instagram  collective  video 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Smarter Parts Make Collective Systems Too Stubborn | Quanta Magazine
As researchers delve deeper into the behavior of decentralized collective systems, they’re beginning to question some of their initial assumptions.
complexity  decentralisation  theory  collective 
7 weeks ago by stevesong

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