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Tom Deininger - Self Portrait
3D collage used to create portraits
art  artists  collage 
7 days ago by JudithW
How Mark Wagner turns dollar bills into artworks
“There is something super special about bills—how they’re made, how they’re printed—that’s irreplaceable. There’s nothing else I can find that handles like this paper.”
art  money  collage 
14 days ago by terry
On solitude, and being who you are
So, under this definition, you can find solitude in a busy train car or a coffee shop, or wherever. I am slightly nervous about this re-definition (it seems to me that being truly alone has a ton of value), but I am also attracted to this idea that you don’t necessarily have to be alone to be with your thoughts, you just have to be free from input.
solitude  thinking  collage  dolly-parton  austin-kleon 
16 days ago by jbrennan

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