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How California can make its cap-and-trade program more equitable | Grist
How California can make its cap-and-trade program more equitable
grist  coding 
38 minutes ago by slogger
10 Reasons to Try Coding in the Classroom « Educational Technology
10 Reasons to Try Coding in the Classroom by admin via Educational Technology
Education  coding  IFTTT 
5 hours ago by pmdpmd
On Amazon’s Prime Day, the environment gets a raw deal | Grist
On Amazon’s Prime Day, the environment gets a raw deal
grist  coding 
22 hours ago by slogger
Design & Coding
We offer complex solutions for the Web. From rich design to crystal clear coding and more!

knowledge of: UI, UX, webdesign, 3D rendering, vfx, post processing, motion graphic, DTP, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript… and much more!  web  design  coding 
yesterday by gdw
AI learns to play 2048

I created an AI to play the game 2048, his name is Thomas.
ncpin  ncv  Tech  AI  Coding  Games  VideoEssays 
yesterday by walt74
Watch, Reference & Learn Code
Learn web development with over 550 free video lessons ranging from writing basic HTML and CSS to creating custom web applications with Laravel and WordPress. What will you learn today?
video  coding  development  free  tutorials 
yesterday by davidgasperoni
Watch, Reference & Learn Code | was created by university instructors and app developers Trevor Greenleaf and Peter Medina to provide free lessons on web development for their respective students and anybody else who wants to learn code. features video series on topics ranging from introductory HTML to leveraging the power of APIs to create interactive websites. Are you ready for some code time?
video-tutorials  Tutorials  free  Webdesign  development  coding 
yesterday by gwippich
Learn To Code Now – A book on learning HTML, CSS + Javascript – SuperHi
We’ve written a book about learning to code

We tried to recommend our students good books to read for learning HTML, CSS and Javascript but we found nothing great. Most guides were too technical, badly-written or just dull. So we made our own.

It's 440 pages long and we’ve aimed it especially at people who work in the creative industry but anyone can read it. We called the book “Learn To Code Now” and we really hope you enjoy it.
html  css  book  coding  JavaScript  PDF 
yesterday by gwippich
Swallowing the elephant: all the links
"Links to all of the articles in my adventures getting Disney’s Moana island scene to render well with pbrt."

rendering  coding  moana 
yesterday by pronoiac
Swallowing the elephant: all the links
Links to all of the articles in my adventures getting Disney’s Moana island scene to render well with pbrt.
Coding  articles  rendering 
yesterday by CrystalDave

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