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Writing a MySQL storage engine from scratch - CodeProject
This article summarizes the things that I learned when I wrote a new MySQL storage engine (“SE”).
MySQL  StorageEngine  OpenSource  Development  CodeProject  2016  C++  cruppstahl 
june 2017 by dlb
We make a std::shared_mutex 10 times faster - CodeProject
In this article, we will detail the atomic operations and C++11 memory barriers and the assembler instructions generated by it on x86_64 CPUs.

Next, we’ll show how to speed up the work of contfree_safe_ptr
C++  multithreading  lock-free  CodeProject  AlexeyAB  2017  tutorial 
may 2017 by dlb
How to Generate Installer using Wix# - CodeProject
Wix# is an open Source framework available on GitHub and used for generating Installer using C# syntax. Wix# is an open source framework for building installer setup for MSI source code by using script file that is written into C#. Wix# uses C# to produce a wix or MSI source code. Using wix#, easily create a sample installer MSI file if familiar with C# syntax. The logic behind wix# uses C# syntax that updates .wxs file and generates MSI source code.
c#  installer  codeproject  wix  msi 
april 2017 by Ven

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