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RT : We too co-sign the Community Statement in Support of . We continue to admire an honor our col…
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7 days ago by miaridge
Matthew Reidsma : Auditing Algorithms
Talks about libraries, technology, and the Web by Matthew Reidsma.
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26 days ago by malantonio
RT : Peer review of my poster on "Where to get Twitter data for academic research."
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5 weeks ago by aarontay
2018 Presentation Voting Survey
vote proposals rather than the presenters. new anonymity feature! check it: Got until 11/13
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october 2017 by verwinv
LODLAM Challenge Winners
RT : Challenge prize winners congrats to DIVE+ (Grand) & WarSampo (Open data) teams
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june 2017 by miaridge
Some heroes don't wear capes, y'all. back online and and better than ever thanks to and
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may 2017 by lbjay
Have not read the full report but based on the abstract seems useful to those involved in the incorporati…
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march 2017 by lbjay

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