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LLBLGen Pro | Entity Modeling Solution and ORM framework for .NET
LLBLGen Pro: Using databases in your .NET code made easy. The entity modeling solution for Entity Framework, LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework, NHibernate and Linq to SQL.
database  EntityFramework  orm  code  generator 
3 hours ago by gilberto5757
Introducing: the Serverless Open Runtime
The Open Runtime gets started when Lambda first receives a lambda execution request. It then actually fetches a request from the AWS Runtime API. This request is then processed by middlewares, by invoking them as executables and passing the event in via STDIN and reading the processed event back via STDOUT. It is then passed to the language specific runtime which invokes your handler code. The response is then processed by middlewares similarly to how they were invoked for the event.
serverless  lambda  aws  code  opensource 
10 hours ago by activescott
Sourcegraph documentation
Sourcegraph is a code search and browsing tool with code intelligence that helps developers write and review code. Learn more about Sourcegraph at

codesearch  code  tools  dev  inspiration  ack  devops 
22 hours ago by michaelfox

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