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mainly macro: We need a political party that is tough on the causes of Brexit
Brexit was not an aberration in an otherwise well functioning UK democracy, any more than Trump was in the US. They are symptoms of a deeper malaise. I cannot put it better than Anthony Barnett when he says if all you want to do is stop Brexit and Trump and go back to what you regard as normal, you miss that what was normal led to Brexit and Trump. Unless we have politicians in power who understand the need for radical change, the snake oil sellers who sold us Brexit and US voters Trump will happily carry on plying their wares.
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25 days ago by petej
An inevitable division: the politics and consequences of the Labour split | openDemocracy
As I’ve pointed out before most of the Blairite MPs became Labour MPs on the basis of a particular implicit understanding of what that role entailed. According to this understanding, the purpose of a Labour MP is to try to persuade the richest and most powerful individuals, groups and institutions to make minor concessions to the interests of the disadvantaged, while persuading the latter to accept that these minor concessions are the best that they can hope for. That job description might well entail some occasional grandstanding when corporate institutions are engaged in particularly egregious forms of behaviour (such as making loans to very poor people at clearly exorbitant rates), or when the political right is engaged in explicit displays of racism or misogyny. But it doesn’t entail any actual attempt to change the underlying distributions of power in British society; and in fact it does necessarily, and structurally, entail extreme hostility towards anybody who proposes to do that.
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4 weeks ago by petej
Richard Burgon just appalling on with Jo Swinson - refighting the battles of the years because h…
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Tech Workers Coalition
We meet regularly to read and discuss topics of interest to us as workers in and around the tech industry. Each session is a facilitated group discussion on a predetermined topic and shared readings, followed by some time to hang out and get to know each other.
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12 weeks ago by cstanhope
Citizens' Environmental Coalition - Houston-Gulf Coast Environmental Issues
MISSION: To foster dialogue, education, and collaboration on environmental issues in the Houston / Gulf Coast region.

Our vision is an environmental community recognized as a vital part of the fabric of our society. We connect concerned citizens and community leaders with well over 100 diverse environmental organizations. We share, support, and enhance their efforts and environmental advocacy. We do this through our programs, which include events that enhance understanding, and publications that give a balanced perspective on environmental issues.
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september 2018 by cyberchucktx

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