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I look forward to seeing my friends from at the Gaston Awards this evening. Congratulation…
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yesterday by jhill5
EMAIL - 1 Million IG followers & STILL shit broke…
One of the first beliefs I shatter in my teachings, is the ridiculous notion that one must have a million… a hundred thousand… ten thousand… hell, even a THOUSAND social media followers to generate a full-time income with a coaching business.

In the last 6 months, I’ve had several “fitness influencers” (hate that phrase) message me on IG,  asking how I got my and Rise sponsorships… BECAUSE THESE “INFLUENCERS” ARE BROKE AND LOOKING FOR QUICK MONEY.

Thankfully, I steered them in the right direction.

Gonna be straight up with you...

You don’t need followers.

You need a proven system.
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2 days ago by lwhlihu
(1) Lena Elkins - I've never told anyone this before, but......
1. As millennial entrepreneurs get better and move up, the work deepens. You become much more aware of your clients' needs, you raise your expectations for yourself, and you make the stakes a little bit higher. You start hiring some team members. Investing in coaches and mentors. Renting an office space. And then, for 90%...there's a crash. A lot of people can't handle the responsibility and weight that they've created. And simply out of overwhelm and pressure, they quit. But those who surpass their wildest dreams and continue to build scalable businesses are those who view that pressure as a catalyst for transformation. If you want to win in business not just this year, but over the next 20, learn to sit in the discomfort and trust that you can handle it. Because you can. 💪

2. If you want to see consistent growth in your business, you should always have 3-5 upcoming milestones to look forward to. Right now, I'm writing my book proposal, getting ready to go on TV in the States, and getting ready to speak in Bali. Having in-reach goals is essential to staying motivated and focused. So if you don't know what your next steps should be or what milestones you should be hitting, get a coach and get clear on your success roadmap. Otherwise, you'll lose sight of what you're aiming for and land nowhere.

3. A very small percentage of people pursue entrepreneurship, and an even smaller percentage choose to do transformational client-based work like coaching and consulting. That means that out of billions of people, you were born with a unique spark that drives you to do something extraordinary. Don't suppress that feeling - own it, love it, appreciate it, and act on it. The sooner you can harness and strengthen your god-given gifts, the sooner you can serve others and get paid top dollar for it. Not everyone was born with that spark, but you were. Now do something about it.
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3 days ago by lwhlihu
Utah, Kyle Whittingham and the science behind bulking up a ‘moldable frame’ – The Athletic
“If your meal is two steaks, half a plate worth of mashed potatoes, you have a bowl of a salad and you want two cookies with that? Go for it,” Moore said. “Eighty percent of your meal is really balanced and then you have the two cookies — that’s 20 percent for your soul.”

An example of an average day that Moore might lay out for a player:

Breakfast: Six eggs, three pieces of whole wheat toast with jam, one apple, one banana, one glass of water
Morning snack: Sandwich, two glasses of chocolate milk, one fruit cup
Lunch: One 10 ounce-steak, two or three baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and cheese, one cup of asparagus, one piece of fruit, two glasses of water
Pre-workout snack: One peanut butter and jelly sandwich, one fruit cup
Post-workout snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Two tuna salad sandwiches, one handful of chips, one side salad, one bowl of pineapple, two glasses of water
Evening snack: Sandwich, one serving of fruit
Pre-bedtime protein: Two glasses of whole milk
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5 days ago by abemaingi
Chapter 3—Motivational Interviewing as a Counseling Style - Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Abuse Treatment - NCBI Bookshelf
Motivational interviewing is a way of being with a client, not just a set of techniques for doing counseling. Miller and Rollnick, 1991
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8 days ago by zesteur

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