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Via youtube kanaal van Instituut voor faalkunde gevonden.
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Zach Lowe on DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry and the Toronto Raptors - NBA
Nurse started with the young guys -- Poeltl, Pascal Siakam, Norman Powell, OG Anunoby, Delon Wright, Fred VanVleet -- at informal workouts in Los Angeles, and then in Las Vegas for summer league. As James Herbert of CBS Sports detailed, they played pickup with new rules: Corner 3s earned four points, and any shot between the paint and the 3-point arc counted as minus-1. Nurse strongly encouraged anyone who grabbed an offensive rebound to dunk or kick the ball out to a 3-point shooter, though he did not mandate it as he had during his time in Houston's D-League lab. (Back then, he banned midrange shots in practice.)

Players passed up good shots for great ones. They stretched their playmaking skills, and that was the point: When opponents keyed on DeRozan and Lowry, these guys -- these unknown kiddos -- would have to do something. So would Ibaka and Valanciunas, behemoth screen-setters who froze outside the paint. Touching it more might invigorate other parts of their games, and inspire more focused effort on defense.
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Philadelphia 76ers have NBA's top food program
The NBA is living in a golden age of infrastructure -- gleaming new training facilities populated by cutting-edge sports scientists and space-age machinery, analytics departments larger than entire basketball operations departments were a decade ago and amenities that cater to seemingly every need of the modern NBA player.

The Sixers have put food at the center of the team's daily existence. Situated on the second floor of the Sixers' training facility in Camden, New Jersey, the team's enormous, light-filled dining room and professional-grade kitchen with a view of the Philadelphia skyline function not only as a fueling station where players receive nourishment, but also a hub for the communal life of the team.

"It's always good to break bread with people, with your teammates," says Sixers wing Justin Anderson. "I've learned as much from my teammates in here or on the road at dinner or inviting them over. Food has been a great way over my career to get to know my teammates."
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Microsoft Word - Document1 - TJ-Otzelberger-Clinic-Notes.pdf
-Terminology is so important. It’s hard for your players to understandplay names if they’re just named after the team you got them from. Our terminology is football-like. The first word is how we initiate the action (Swing/Side/Drag/Flip/Hit) and the second word is the action.All the terminology is uniform.-On any loaded pick & rolls (side ball screen with corner-filled), if we can’t get to the rim we are looking to throw it back and throw it into the post
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"Steve Kerr Let The Warriors Coach Themselves." - Teach Like a Champion
As Ian Barker put it: “The Kerr example should speak to empowerment, but also to the dedication and commitment of embedding the learning.”
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Miami can have its turnover chain, No. 7 Paul VI basketball passes out hard hats, lunch pails and Windex | USA TODAY High School Sports
The first time Farello gave out the props after a win, his team was puzzled. He explained the hard hat was for the player who gave the toughest effort, someone who made a gritty play, diving for a loose ball, or generally producing plays that don’t always show up on the stat sheet. The lunch pail was for the second-place player in that category. The Windex bottle, of course, was for the player with the most rebounds, the one who had cleaned the glass.
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