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✖ Scotland's
nature conservation agency has warned the country faces an apocalyse of flooded towns, dead forests & polluted rivers unless urgent action is taken to cut CO2 emissions.'
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Avion, climat et fiscalité : petit manuel d'auto-défense intellectuelle | The Shift Project
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Flight Carbon Calculator - Offset your Flight Carbon Footprint - CLevel
Flight Carbon Calculator - Simple to use. Work out the Carbon Footprint of your flight and then balance your flight with indigenous forests and peoples. Living Plan projects for the Biosphere.
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Alle Leute, die nicht glauben, dass die Steuer funktionieren könnte, sei an die Alkopop Trend erinnert.

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RT : En Australie aussi, on commence à prendre conscience de l’impasse ...
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CO2 Meters, CO2 Sensors, CO2 Monitors, Data Loggers |
Definitely need one for the meeting rooms, since 1000ppm is when people start going dumb...
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RT : May avg sets a new record at 414.83. Was 3.52 ppm higher than May 2018. The increase is just shy of the record…
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CO2 Electroreduction from Carbonate Electrolyte | ACS Energy Letters
Electrolyzer for direct conversion of carbonate to syngas without intermediate steps, reducing the energy required for using CO2 feedstock for synthetic fuels
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