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Flannel Networking Demystify
Flannel の VXLAN の仕組みが詳細にかかれている。
flannel  cni  network 
12 days ago by summerwind
CNCF CNI プラグイン - Qiita
23 days ago by summerwind
Kubernetes Is Hard: Why EKS Makes It Easier for Network and Security Architects
なるほど。Overlay にしてしまうと既存のエコシステムの機能が使えなくなるから ENI を直接付与したほうがいいのね。
kubernetes  aws  cni  network 
8 weeks ago by summerwind
Kubernetes Is Hard: Why EKS Makes It Easier for Network and…
AWS’s VPC container networking interface (CNI) simplifies the stack, and how it enables microsegmentation across security groups.
cni  k8s 
11 weeks ago by jordan23jy
. ‘s “who uses my stuff?” tweet getting some play at 18s, a conference she’s probably unfamiliar…
CNI  from twitter_favs
april 2018 by rileybearlk
What happens when I type kubectl run?
A detailed description of the steps kubernetes takes to deploy a resource.

* kubectl
** validation and generators
** API groups and version negotiation
** client-side auth
* kube-apiserver
** authentication
** authorization
** admission control
* etcd
* initializers
* control loops
** deployments controller
** replicasets controller
** informers
** scheduler
* kubelet
** pod sync
** CRI and pause containers
** CNI and pod networking
** inter-host networking
** container startup
* wrap-up
kubernetes  kubectl  etcd  cri  cni 
february 2018 by adrian17

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