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Headless CMS powered by Firebase
Looking for ways to manage your e-commerce inventory, company blog, in-app translations and more? Simplify the process and use a general purpose CMS. PushTable easily integrates with static site generators, and mobile SDK
cms  firebase  headless 
1 minute ago by danklammer
Pico - A stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS.
Super stripped down php cms built with markdown and a few configuration files.
markdown  php  cms 
2 days ago by axodys
FastCharts — Changing the FT Newsroom, One Tool at a Time
One of the main features which gives FastCharts more depth is the Chart Library. This allows users to save, share and retrieve charts and data, and it works with the separate API we created as part of the rebuild. The API has taken on a life of its own and we now see it as a completely separate product, allowing developers to create a custom UI in other projects which access the Chart Library. A recent example was on a CMS discovery project we’re currently working on. We are now able to connect to the API and use it to search for and insert charts straight into articles
vis  ft  tools  cms  t 
3 days ago by paulbradshaw
Tidy - The sitebuilder for professionals
The website mass production platform for directories, agencies and freelancers.
tidy  cms  sitebuilder  webdesign  crawler  201807 
4 days ago by jakoubek
Multi-Environment Config for Craft CMS
Multi-environment configs help you work more effectively with Craft CMS. Here's an efficacious strategy
cms  craftcms  nginx 
4 days ago by jgreenawalt

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