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Spire - The SPIFFE Runtime Environment
SPIRE (the SPIFFE Runtime Environment) is a tool-chain for establishing trust between software systems across a wide variety of hosting platforms. Concretely, SPIRE exposes the SPIFFE Workload API, which can attest running software systems and issue SPIFFE IDs and SVIDs to them. This in turn allows two workloads to establish trust between each other, for example by establishing an mTLS connection or by signing and verifying a JWT token.
security  authentication  opensource  clustering 
10 hours ago by liqweed
Louvain Modularity - Wikipedia
method to extract communities from large networks. Uses greedy optimization and appears to run in O(n logn). Might have issues losing small communities in large networks.
clustering  graph  community  algorithm 
11 hours ago by tobym
Statusfy - Marvelous Open Source Status Page system
A Status Page System, easy to use and completely Open Source. You can easily create a fast System either Static Generated or Server Rendered and easily deploy it to a variety of hosting services.
clustering  opensource  tools  GUI 
yesterday by liqweed
vitessio/vitess: Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL.
Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL. - vitessio/vitess
go  mysql  clustering  github 
3 days ago by snahor
Shear stress induces expression, intracellular reorganization and enhanced Notch activation potential of Jagged1 - Integrative Biology (RSC Publishing) DOI:10.1039/C8IB00036K
In this work, we show that Notch is mechanoresponsive in ECs and that Notch ligands show distinct responses to shear stress. Expression of JAG1 increases, whereas DLL4 expression decreases in response to shear stress in both HUVECs and arterial ECs. However, on the protein levels the changes are not significant although there is a trend towards increased Jagged1 levels under shear stress. In terms of ligand distribution, Jagged1 relocalizes into intracellular assemblies (clusters). This relocalization is reversible and requires protein production, ER transport and endocytosis, suggesting that both Jagged1 production and recycling from the membrane contribute to the cluster formation. Both shear induced transcriptional changes and Jagged1 distribution are independent of receptor cleavage and Notch activity. Functionally the Notch signal sending potential of ECs is increased after shear stress. This effect is enhanced by Jagged1 overexpression, but not affected by a 42% reduction in Jagged1 levels. The inhibition of protein production and ER transport and dynamin dependent endocytosis prevents shear response of Jagged1.
Jagged1  Notch  endothelial  shear_stress  clustering 
7 days ago by Segalllab
Stellar - Simplified Container Runtime Cluster
Stellar is designed to provide simple container runtime clustering. One or more nodes are joined together to create a cluster. The cluster is eventually consistent making it ideal for transient workloads or edge computing where nodes are not always guaranteed to have high bandwidth, low latency connectivity.
Docker  networking  opensource  distributed  clustering 
17 days ago by liqweed
python - calculating average distance of nearest neighbours in pandas dataframe - Stack Overflow
average nearest neighbor distance - can measure degree of clustering with that
clustering  pyton 
19 days ago by drcjar
Evolution of metazoan morphological disparity | PNAS
We attempt to quantify animal “bodyplans” and their variation within Metazoa. Our results challenge the view that maximum variation was achieved early in animal evolutionary history by nonuniformitarian mechanisms. Rather, they are compatible with the view that the capacity for fundamental innovation is not limited to the early evolutionary history of clades. We perform quantitative tests of the principal hypotheses of the molecular mechanisms underpinning the establishment of animal bodyplans and corroborate the hypothesis that animal evolution has been permitted or driven by gene regulatory evolution.
developmental-biology  biology  rather-interesting  clustering  looking-to-see  to-write-about  consider:feature-discovery 
4 weeks ago by Vaguery

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