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Titus is a container management platform that provides scalable and reliable container execution and cloud-native integration with Amazon AWS. Titus was built internally at Netflix and is used in production to power Netflix streaming, recommendation, and content systems.
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8 hours ago by vicchow
Take back control of your email with this easy-to-deploy mail server in a box.
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2 days ago by segfault
Pentagon Exposes Top Secret Classified Info to Public Internet - Infosecurity Magazine
his cloud leak follows a number of previous Cyber Risk Team reports detailing Pentagon data exposures from within the US Central Command, US Pacific Command, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a Defense Department agency tasked with acquiring and analyzing satellite imagery intelligence. Such continual and apparently accidental exposure of classified national security data to the wider internet is proof that even the most secretive corners of the IT landscape are not immune to the cyber risks befalling any enterprise operating at scale.”
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2 days ago by bwiese
48 Million Detailed Psychometric Records on Individuals Leaked - Infosecurity Magazine
“In the wake of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle, the importance of massive sets of psychographic data is becoming more and more apparent,” UpGuard researchers said in a blog. “This combination [of information] begins to build a three-dimensional picture of every individual affected – who they are, what they talk about, what they like, even what they do for a living – in essence a blueprint from which to create targeted persuasive content, like advertising or political campaigning. If the legitimate uses of the data aren’t enough to give pause, the illegitimate uses range from traditional identity theft, to fraud, to ammunition for social engineering scams such as phishing.”

The Amazon Web Services S3 bucket, since secured, contained 1.2 TB of information at the time of exposure
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2 days ago by bwiese

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