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The Kubernetes Native Serverless Framework
Build advanced applications with FaaS on top of Kubernetes
framework  serverless  cloud  k8s 
10 hours ago by sschank
Open Policy Agent
Policy-based control for cloud native environments. Empower your administrators with flexible, fine-grained control across the entire stack.
cloud  policy 
12 hours ago by sschank
OpenText CEO opens up on organic growth ambitions
"At this week’s Enterprise World event in Toronto, the acquisition-hungry enterprise information management company showcased new offerings and areas of focus that may help it unlock new sales."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  iot  robotics  ai 
16 hours ago by jonerp | Supercharging Machine Learning
Supercharge Machine Learning
Comet lets you track code, experiments, and results on ML projects. It’s fast, simple, and free for open source projects.
cloud  machinelearning  ml  ai  service 
16 hours ago by gugelproductions
Security Cameras that Learn - Verkada Cloud Video Surveillance
Enterprise security cameras that are limitlessly scalable, smart and simple to use. No NVRs/DVRs, no servers, no risky network protocols.
security  camera  cloud  surveillance 
19 hours ago by SierraEchoHotel
96-core NanoPi Fire3 cluster computer blows past RPi rigs in benchmarks
The Odroid-MC1 products are primarily designed to run Docker Swarm. Many of the cluster systems are designed to run Docker or other cloud-based software. Last year Alex Ellis, for example, posted a tutorial on creating a Serverless Raspberry Pi cluster that runs Docker and the OpenFaaS framework. Indeed, as with edge computing devices running modified versions of cloud software, such as AWS Greengrass, cluster computers based on SBCs show another example of how the embedded and enterprise server worlds are interacting in interesting new ways using Linux.
Raspi  cluster  performance  cloud  MPI 
20 hours ago by euler
IT vendors slash prices in LatAm as users seek savings
"the uptake of offerings like cloud [$3.9bn market in LATAM] is still timid across the region. This is because businesses lack the revenue to make the shift to the cloud or do not have sufficiently skilled people to use them"
Marketsizing  analytics  latam  cloud 
21 hours ago by cote

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