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niamaea: Everybody's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man [1/6]
In the interest of recording our hero's intrepid journey from disaster to delicious, and because time warps are always fun, I present to you, Jacksonian Fashion: a visual history of the good, the bad, and the plaid.
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2 days ago by runpunkrun
How to Tie a Trinity Knot
How to tie a Trinity knot step by step instructions, diagram with tying directions, Trinity knot tie guide with picture
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3 days ago by noisebleed
Hardvark | Men's Merino Wool Clothing - Merino Shirts, Polo & T Shirts
Buy on line - Merino Wool luxury menswear clothing - Merino Wool mens long sleeve shirts, mens polo shirts, mens jumpers, mens T shirts, mens boxers, underwear, mens socks from Hardvark designed in London hand finished in Italy tailored to fit your life™
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5 days ago by asaltydog

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