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Casting Spells in Lisp
A Comic Book
By Conrad Barski, M.D.,
Clojure Version by Wei-Ju Wu

Anyone who has ever learned to program in Lisp will tell you it is very different from any other programming language. It is different in lots of surprising ways - This comic book will let you find out how Lisp's unique design makes it so powerful !

This tutorial was adapted for Clojure, an exciting new dialect of Lisp running on the Java Virtual Machine. Clojure's syntax and API resembles Common Lisp, but there are enough differences to write a dedicated version of this book.
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3 hours ago by rcyphers
CIDER’s Orchard: The Heart | Meta Redux
Prologue This post is part of the mini-series “CIDER’s Orchard”. Currently I’m planning 3 installments in the series, but this might change depending on my inspiration. CIDER’s Orchard: The Heart CIDER’s Orchard: The Periphery CIDER’s Orchard: The Future
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10 hours ago by raygrasso

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