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Vincit/venia: Clojure(Script) graphql query generation
Clojure(Script) graphql query generation. Contribute to Vincit/venia development by creating an account on GitHub.
client  graphql  cljs  clojurescript  clojure  query 
4 days ago by fmjrey
One does not simply build a user interface: our ClojureScript/re-frame app
this treads some of the same ground as my early re-frame work, while suggesting some interesting points

* shared validation btw forms and model/controller via subscriptions
* consider the entire continuum of front/back-end programming as UI programming
* creating UI shows data from a new perspective and can reveal ways to re-model it that are, beyond being user-friendly, structurally cleaner
re-frame  cljs  via:ghiden 
8 days ago by doompuma
davidsantiago/hickory: HTML as data
Hickory parses HTML into Clojure data structures, so you can analyze, transform, and output back to HTML. HTML can be parsed into hiccup vectors, or into a map-based DOM-like format very similar to that used by clojure.xml. It can be used from both Clojure and Clojurescript.
html  parser  clojure  cljs 
8 weeks ago by ghiden

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