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Accueil, Refuge du Requin
Au pied de la Dent du Requin, et de l'Aiguille du Plan, en balcon au-dessus de la Mer de Glace, un site très haute montagne face aux séracs du Géant avec un panorama exceptionnel. L'été le refuge offre en outre une tranquillité très appréciable.
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5 days ago by asaltydog
Climb Higher With Confidence Using Bouldering Crash Pads
Closed-cell top layers in crash pads are imperative because of the stability they provide in a landing, combined with the dissipation of energy from the fall. That stability of closed-cell foam and foam rubber is important because many falls are controlled falls. ...
Beneath the pad’s top layer is the section that provides the majority of a pad’s thickness as well as the cushion that provides safety from higher falls. Open-cell cushion foam making up the main body of the crash pad is a necessity, not only for protection when attempting climbs to greater heights, but also for the cushion it provides in unplanned, out of control falls from any height. The firmness of closed-cell foam provides stability, but on its own, it may not be enough to prevent injury in an unplanned fall. The thicker open-cell foam padding in the interior of a bouldering mat is what handles heavy impacts and makes the difference between waking up sore and possibly waking up in the hospital.
To handle falling, full-body weight in repetition, the open-cell interior must be firm enough to support that weight while still having the yield to provide the cushioning it is designed for. Old foam, used foam or even new foam that isn’t strong enough can open the possibility of bottoming out, which carries the same consequence of not having any pad, since you are falling through the cushion to the first resistive surface; i.e.: the ground. ...
8 days ago by jimmykduong
Extend the Life of Your Crashpad
"Understand the science of foam to get more out of your crashpad"
Closed-Cell Foam
Open-Cell Foam
8 days ago by jimmykduong
(1) Ashima Shiraishi: A Strong Mind - YouTube
"have a quiet and strong soul (or mind)"?

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Nick Pearson
7 minutes ago
The way she says it is shizuka de tsuyoi kimochi which would translate to Japanese text as 静かで強い気持ち
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8 days ago by bradleyrturner

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