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youtube, soundcloud, etc - command line downloader

brew install youtube-dl
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yesterday by cvn
XML::Twig - A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode. - -
So 'xml_grep --text_only --html' options seems work a treat; these come with the 'xml-twig-tools' package on Debian/Ubuntu.

Note that the '/text()' XPath selector doesn't seem to be supported (maybe that's a v2 thing?), and I can't comprehend the XML::Twig documentation enough to figure out what's up there. What does "a subset of XPath" mean?

The '--html' is pretty essential, because I think it runs the input through a more liberal HTML parser, produces a valid (X)HTML tree, and then you don't get XML parse errors like do you for just about every page on the Internet, it seems like.

Side note: now I /really/ don't understand why XHTML ceased to be a thing.

curl -q | xml_grep --text_only --html '//*[@id="pdeps"]/ul/li//a'
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yesterday by kme
html - ignore malformed XML with Perl-XML - Stack Overflow -
xml_grep, a command line tool which comes with XML::Twig, can be used to extract data from HTML using XPath. Normally it works on XML, but you can use the -html option to process HTML (under the hood it uses HTML::TreeBuilder to convert the XML to HTML).

For example:

> xml_grep -html -t 'a[@class="genu"]'
> Stack Exchange
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yesterday by kme
- Simple and efficient way to show information about Memcache.
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yesterday by lenciel
Grep and Sed Equivalent for XML Command Line Processing - Stack Overflow -
Accepted answer recommends XMLStarlet, but links to this handy tutorial:

To Joseph Holsten's excellent list, I add the xpath command-line script which comes with Perl library XML::XPath. A great way to extract information from XML files:

xpath -q -e '/entry[@xml:lang="fr"]' *xml
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yesterday by kme
xml - How to execute XPath one-liners from shell? - Stack Overflow -
Nokogiri. If I write this wrapper I could call the wrapper in the way described above:


require 'nokogiri'

Nokogiri::XML(STDIN).xpath(ARGV[0]).each do |row|
puts row
XML::XPath. Would work with this wrapper:


use strict;
use warnings;
use XML::XPath;

my $root = XML::XPath->new(ioref => 'STDIN');
for my $node ($root->find($ARGV[0])->get_nodelist) {
print($node->getData, "\n");

xmllint --xpath '//element/@attribute' file.xml
xmlstarlet sel -t -v "//element/@attribute" file.xml
saxon-lint --xpath '//element/@attribute' file.xml
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yesterday by kme

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