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git open - A small git hack - Brain Spill
git open - A small git hack - Added April 10, 2018 at 11:48AM
cli  devtools  dotfiles  git  read2of 
1 hour ago by xenocid
cd is Wasting Your Time
cd is Wasting Your Time - Added March 27, 2018 at 01:18PM
cli  devtools  dotfiles  read2of  shell 
1 hour ago by xenocid
Rsyncrypto - Rsync Friendly File Encryption
backup  rsync  encryption  cli  commandline  shell 
yesterday by dusko
cadubi - Creative ASCII Drawing Utility By Ian (1997)
CADUBI is an application written in Perl that allows you to draw text-based images that are viewable on typical unix-based consoles. Usually the applications that emulate these consoles support various text modes, such as background and foreground colors, bold, and inverse. This text art, commonly called "ASCII art," is used in various places such as online BBSes, email and login prompts.
diagram  ascii  plaintext  console  shell  cli 
yesterday by dusko
text - Creating diagrams in ASCII - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
I found another answer; I am not sure it is fully usable, but remember that GNU roff (groff) has a processor for the Pic language as well as an ascii postprocessor; thus you may have a try at something like that (if you use Linux, everything should probably already be installed). Write a file called test.roff containing:

box "box1";
box "box2";

Then type: groff -Tascii -p test.roff, and you should get:

+------+ +------+
| +-----| |
| box1 | |box2 |
+------+ +------+

One might want to remove control characters by using groff -Tlatin1 -P-c -P-b -P-u
diagram  ascii  plaintext  socumentation  commandline  cli  shell 
yesterday by dusko
Run arbitrary commands when files change
cli  linux  watch 
yesterday by marten
GitHub - Nedgang/clitogui: Automatic GUI generation from a CLI
Automatic GUI generation from a CLI. Contribute to Nedgang/clitogui development by creating an account on GitHub.
gui  generator  automated  commandline  cli  converter  python  parameter  input  opensource  floss  library 
yesterday by gilberto5757
xonsh/xonsh: Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell
Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell. Contribute to xonsh/xonsh development by creating an account on GitHub.
python  shell  cli 
2 days ago by reorx

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