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How to pass password to mysql command line - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange |
It doesn't look like you can send a password to 'mysql' on stdin, even though that's where it seems to be expecting it from with the '-p' (no password) option.

So I ended up using the '--defaults-file' option.
mysql  cli  dba  commandline  pipes  subprocess  python  workaround  solution 
12 hours ago by kme
GitHub - maxmcd/webtty: Share a terminal session over WebRTC
Share a terminal session over WebRTC. Contribute to maxmcd/webtty development by creating an account on GitHub.
shared  collaborative  console  terminal  cli  web  session  opensource  floss 
13 hours ago by gilberto5757
Plain Text Accounting
In 2003, John Wiegley invented Ledger: a plain text data format and command-line reporting tool for efficient double-entry-style accounting. This idea went viral among software developers and technical folk, and we now have 5+ actively-developed Ledger-likes such as hledger and Beancount, with 40+ add-on tools and an active community. This site was created in 2016 to introduce our tools, documentation, and practices.
accounting  cli  plainText 
13 hours ago by Jswindle

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