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Science Classification
This describes datasets for scientific topic classification.
classification  science 
9 days ago by rybesh
Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales
"There are many different folk tales in the world, but many tales are variations on a limited number of themes. The classification system originally designed by Aarne, and later revised first by Thompson and later by Uther, is intended to bring out the similarities between tales by grouping variants of the same tale under the same ATU category."
folklore  language  classification 
12 days ago by jwh
Amazon-Forest-Computer-Vision/ at 46abf834128f41f4e6d8040f474ec51973ea9332 · mratsim/Amazon-Forest-Computer-Vision
Amazon Forest Computer Vision: Satellite Image tagging code using PyTorch / Keras with lots of PyTorch tricks - mratsim/Amazon-Forest-Computer-Vision
multi  label  classification  thresholds  sklean 
16 days ago by ohnice
Music Genre Classification with Python – Towards Data Science
Spotify, with a net worth of $26 billion is reigning the music streaming platform today. It currently has millions of songs in its database and claims to have the right music score for everyone…
audio  processing  classification  python  music 
17 days ago by bonuswavepilot

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