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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Thought Bites: Winter Is Coming!
'Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain explains why Western civilization is falling apart.' -- "Seasonal climates tend to strongly select for intelligence, and the reason for that is when you're facing down a season – like a brutal, cold winter – it's man versus nature ... and that selects for intelligence. The other conflict, which tends to happen in warm climates, is man versus man. You are competing with other tribes for the best fruit trees and the best places you can get nuts and berries and so on. And so when you're in a warmer climate it tends to select for aggression rather than intelligence, and this is one of the reasons why you have different groups with different levels of criminality. So Whites all over the world have about the same level of criminality, and East Asians all over the world have about the same level of criminality, and Blacks all over the world have about the same level of criminality ... Local climate conditions affect brain development ... and also affect family development. In a warm climate there's food all year round and it's relatively easily available. And what that means is that the mother does not need the father to survive ... Now, in a colder climate, [you need a man to survive] because you've got long winters where you simply can't get food ... This is called The Dads vs The Cads spectrum: If you don't need a man to have your babies survive then you can just choose the coolest, the tallest, the most handsome, the most charismatic, the most glib, the fastest-talking ... the guy with the best game because you don't need him to stick around; you can raise babies communally, you can have a matriarchy and just raise the babies that way, and you're going to do okay ... [In warmer, more disease-prone climates], your strategy is just to have as many babies as possible because you can't do much to ensure they survive. ... In cold climates you have to have a pair-bond in order for your babies to survive. And what that means is that the women who chose the Cads rather than the Dads, who chose the sexy, cool Fabio types – the 'Alphas' who are going to play around and abandon them – well, they generally die off in the winter because they didn't have a man around to feed them and protect them. And so what happens is, in the northern climates, you end up with more stable pair-bonding because women choose stable, reliable, decent, moral, productive providers as a survival mechanism. And that's how White people and East Asian people – in general – evolved. So pair-bonding genes tend to get passed on in colder climates but the abandonment genes or the Cad genes tend to not [get passed on]. So in the northern climates, prior to birth control and the welfare state, women had an enormous amount to lose from indiscriminate sexuality, from sleeping around ... And so there was a lot of focus and emphasis on controlling female sexuality in order to establish the pair bond before sexual activity occurs – which is why the institution of marriage and monogamy and so on was so important. Polygamy doesn't work in a cold climate because a man does not have ... the [excess] resources ... to invest in children that he does not know for sure are his ... So prior to birth control and the welfare state, women had the most to lose from this indiscriminate sexuality ... Even sexual drives between the races follow this [warm vs cold climate] pattern. So here is why things are falling apart. This is why suicide amongst White males are so high; this is why depression and anxiety are high among White women in particular ... It's a very strange situation that has occurred in the West; it's fascinating. So, the welfare state creates a sense of tropical abundance in a scarcity culture. So much of East Asian's and White's culture and religion and myths and morals and so on, have developed around this basic reality that for roughly half of the year, food was very, very hard to get and it was really, really cold. It's not just about food, it's about heat, firewood; your baby is going to freeze to death unless you have a man out there ... So this scarcity that has characterised White and East Asian cultural and biological development has run smack dab into the welfare state. Now, the welfare state creates an even more lush than tropical environment because in a tropical environment you still have to go out and [gather resources], but with the welfare state, the cheque just comes to your house, and your free healthcare, and your free education for your kids creates a hyper-tropical sense of abundance that collides with the scarcity history of Whites and East Asians. And that is catastrophic." --
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yesterday by adamcrowe
(PDF) Hunter-Gatherer Societies: Their Diversity and Evolutionary Processes | Serge Svizzero and Clement Tisdell -
It is argued that attributes which have been widely used to typify hunter-gatherer societies are inadequate for several reasons. One is that they fail to capture the full extent of the diversity of these societies. We suggest some additional attributes which should be taken into account in characterizing these societies. Linear (unidirectional) models of the development of  prehistoric societies are criticized and multi-linear models are discussed. Currently, three main stereotypes of the nature of hunter-gatherer societies exist. While these indicate that they were diverse, they fail to capture the full extent of their diversity. It is suggested that this diversity increased with the passage of time and was shaped by the varied local eco-geographic conditions (local resource endowments) in which these societies existed. This raises the question of whether this development had the same basis as speciation in the  biological theory of natural selection. This is discussed and then particular attention is given to Adam Smith’s vision of the evolution of human societies. In conclusion, it is suggested that the evolutionary path of modern societies has diverged from that of prehistoric societies.
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6 days ago by Jibarosoy
Would we all be better off if we returned to hunting and gathering?
The idea the decision to abandon our hunter-gatherer lifestyle was a terrible misstep isn’t some crazy hippy notion either, but one supported by academics like James C. Scott, Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá, and Jared Diamond, the latter of whom famously called the decision to abandon hunter-gatherer societies the “worst mistake in the history of the human race.”
Of course, we couldn’t have known any better. Evolution had crafted minds that were capable of future planning, but without the ability to foresee or even contemplate the notion of unintended consequences.
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6 days ago by Jibarosoy
YouTube -- Paul Joesph Watson: The Collapse of Western Civilization
'Almost every factor that precedes the collapse of great civilizations has been met by the west.' -- "At this point, what exactly are we conserving?"
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10 days ago by adamcrowe
Ancient tools found in India may upend our views of history -
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12 days ago by rdr
How to change the course of human history | Eurozine | David Graeber
The story we have been telling ourselves about our origins is wrong, and perpetuates the idea of inevitable social inequality. David Graeber and David Wengrow ask why the myth of ‘agricultural revolution’ remains so persistent, and argue that there is a whole lot more we can learn from our ancestors.
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13 days ago by tegabrain
Freeciv-web - open source turn-based strategy game
Play Freeciv online with 2d HTML5 or 3D WebGL in the browser. Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game made with 2D HTML5 or 3D WebGL mode, which you can play in your browser, tablet or mobile device!
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16 days ago by geetarista
Michel Houellebecq: Chronicler of Our Mass Incompetence in the Art of Living - Law & Liberty
His work, not least Sérotonine, is filled with disgust, as was Swift’s: but it is the kind of disgust that can only emerge from deep disappointment, and one is not disappointed by what one does not care about. There is gallows humour on every page: the personage hanged being Western civilisation.
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23 days ago by ayjay
Are we on the road to civilisation collapse?
Great civilisations are not murdered. Instead, they take their own lives. This article is part of a new BBC Future series about the long view of humanity, which aims to stand back from the daily news cycle and widen the lens of our current place in time.
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4 weeks ago by neilscott

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