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In Trump’s Hands, the Census Becomes a Weapon | American Civil Liberties Union
Almost a decade ago, I ran the Minkwon Center for Community Action, a grassroots organization serving the Korean-American community in Queens. Getting immigrants to participate in the 2010 census was one of our top priorities. Why? Because I knew we could use the census to build power for our communities, just by standing up and being counted. And we did, but it wasn’t easy. 
First, we had to educate people about the census's importance. After all, it's not just a head count. The census determines how billions of federal dollars are allocated on a state and national level, and it is also used to draw political districts, thus determining political representation.
trump  politics  census  immigration  gov2.0  civil_rights 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
Bernie Calls Trump ‘Most Racist President In History.’ He Forgot About These 3 Guys. | Daily Wire
At a campaign rally on Tuesday, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders called President Trump “the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history.” Racial minorities seem not to have gotten the memo, as support for Trump among
racism  presidents  politics  civil_rights 
10 weeks ago by kger
Amendment 4's Passage Means Florida Still Won Big | GQ
Despite disappointing nights for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson, this landmark civil rights achievement could change state politics—and presidential elections, too—forever.
Florida, as Florida is wont to do, is doing its level best to screw up the 2018 midterm elections: Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis is projected to defeat his Democratic counterpart, Andrew Gillum; outgoing governor Rick Scott, who is challenging Democrat Bill Nelson for a seat in the U.S. Senate, has taken a razor-thin lead over the incumbent. On Wednesday morning, the Senate race officially headed for a mandatory recount, which, if memory serves, is a process that has never been a problem in this state, ever.
These results, worrisome though they may be to voters who are not vile shitheads, may not be the state’s most important choice of the night, though, because voters on Tuesday also passed a constitutional amendment that will automatically restore the franchise to some 1.4 million Floridians who have been convicted of a felony and completed their sentence, including any attendant periods of probation or parole. (Those who commit murder or sex crimes are excluded from its scope.) To put it differently: Without a single person moving into the state, the potential size of its electorate just grew by seven figures.
state  election  gov2.0  politics  civil_rights  voting 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Romare Bearden
Bearden's early work focused on unity and cooperation within the African-American community. After a period during the 1950s when he painted more abstractly, this theme reemerged in his collage works of the 1960s, when Bearden became a founding member of the Harlem-based art group known as The Spiral, formed to discuss the responsibility of the African-American artist in the struggle for civil rights.
romare_bearden  usa  artist  collage  oils  civil_rights  is1_fa18  week_02  1960s  1970s  the_spiral 
september 2018 by orzubalsky
11 Million Days Lost: Race, Discipline, And Safety at U.S. Public Schools (Part 1) | American Civil Liberties Union
This report is the first of two data snapshots of the school to prison pipeline in America. It starts with inequitable access to instruction due to disparities in discipline. The second report will explore data on support staff, and serious offenses reported in school along with disaggregated data on school-based arrests and referrals to law enforcement across all major racial subgroups. Those findings will be previewed in the discussion section of this report.
schooling  education  civil_rights  racism  policy 
september 2018 by AaronLMGoodwin
No water for poor people: the nine Americans who risked jail to seek justice | US news | The Guardian
“On behalf of the beloved community that struggles for justice and mercy and peace in Detroit – this place where the water goes around,” she said. “Your pastoral leadership and comradeship continue among us as we listen, speak, and act in freedom to confront the powers of death and proclaim the right to the tree of life for all”.
RustBelt  Midwest  water  civil_rights  racism  fascism  kleptocracy  99%  corruption  corporations  grade_A 
july 2018 by Marcellus
William Borah, Lynching and the Wrong Side of History | The Blue Review
The Blue Review is a journal of popular scholarship published by the Boise State University School of Public Service.
Borah  Civil_Rights  lynching  race  14th_Amendment  states'_rights 
july 2018 by tomjlowe
Starbucks Is Not the Next Selma - WSJ
By Robert L. Woodson Sr.
April 29, 2018

What do the Starbucks protesters want? Who are the intended beneficiaries of their goals? Who are the losers?...It’s easy to see who benefits from this kind of response: The consultants who devise and conduct sensitivity-training sessions. The civil-rights organizations that will get money from donors anxious to relieve their white guilt. ..... Although many of the young protesters may authentically believe they are rallying for racial justice, they are in fact playing the role of the decoy. They are a useful diversion for those who reap the profits of the race-grievance industry. Similarly, the continuing mantra of racism serves as a shield for black officials in cities where black neighborhoods have declined and decayed.
African-Americans  civil_rights  grievances  Philadelphia  Starbucks  racial_sensitivity  white_guilt 
april 2018 by jerryking
Charles McDew, 79, Tactician for Student Civil Rights Group, Dies - The New York Times

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obituaries  Colleges_&_Universities  civil_rights  '60s  African-Americans 
april 2018 by jerryking
Roberts, M.E.: Censored: Distraction and Diversion Inside China`s Great Firewall (Hardcover and eBook) | Princeton University Press
As authoritarian governments around the world develop sophisticated technologies for controlling information, many observers have predicted that these controls would be ineffective because they are easily thwarted and evaded by savvy Internet users. In Censored, Margaret Roberts demonstrates that even censorship that is easy to circumvent can still be enormously effective. Taking advantage of digital data harvested from the Chinese Internet and leaks from China's Propaganda Department, this important book sheds light on how and when censorship influences the Chinese public.

Roberts finds that much of censorship in China works not by making information impossible to access but by requiring those seeking information to spend extra time and money for access. By inconveniencing users, censorship diverts the attention of citizens and powerfully shapes the spread of information. When Internet users notice blatant censorship, they are willing to compensate for better access. But subtler censorship, such as burying search results or introducing distracting information on the web, is more effective because users are less aware of it. Roberts challenges the conventional wisdom that online censorship is undermined when it is incomplete and shows instead how censorship's porous nature is used strategically to divide the public.

Drawing parallels between censorship in China and the way information is manipulated in the United States and other democracies, Roberts reveals how Internet users are susceptible to control even in the most open societies. Demonstrating how censorship travels across countries and technologies, Censored gives an unprecedented view of how governments encroach on the media consumption of citizens.

-- book based on a set of papers co-authored with Gary King, extensively discussed in Tufekci's book. Her current projects include work with Grimmer on causal inference of political attitudes from text-mined data.
book  surveillance  authoritarianism  censorship  civil_rights  platform_studies  china  governance  social_media  political_science 
march 2018 by rvenkat

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