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한인타운 센서스 참여 저조
30~40%대로 LA 평균 51%·전국 60%에 크게 못미쳐 저조지역에 설문지 재발송 (LA 한국일보 04-06-2010)
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Everyday Citizen
Everyday Citizen is a magazine without paper, a think-and-do tank without walls, a collection of original journalism, analysis and opinion - and, it's also a very diverse and interesting online community that continues to grow. Members of our group also post link-intensive musings, ramblings and other assorted writings.

Everything that is written here is imperfect and outstanding. Our combined aim is to engage, motivate, or stimulate interaction of ideas and thoughts across gender, generational, and ethnic lines. Our authors often seek to inspire advocacy or citizen action. The power of blogging is that bloggers not only reach out to one another, but this venue can also serve as its own form of activism, a tool to spur action on issues that matter most to the writers and to you.
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