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To Get Ready for Robot Driving, Some Want to Reprogram Pedestrians - Bloomberg
"Whether self-driving cars can correctly identify and avoid pedestrians crossing streets has become a burning issue since March after an Uber self-driving car killed a woman in Arizona who was walking a bicycle across the street at night outside a designated crosswalk. The incident is still under investigation, but a preliminary report from federal safety regulators said the car’s sensors had detected the woman but its decision-making software discounted the sensor data, concluding it was likely a false positive."


"Eventually, better computer vision systems and better AI may solve this problem. Over time, cities will probably remake themselves for an autonomous age with “geofencing”—a fancy term for creating separate zones and designated pickup spots for self-driving cars and taxis."
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September issue Artists & Illustrators Magazine. At the newsagents now. . In…
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How is a business ment to survive with a street been closed off wi…
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Little Big City
Miniature globes created from maps.
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Sir Thomas Gresham 1519–2019
A special illustrated lecture will be presented by Dr John Guy to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the birth of the College’s founder and benefactor Sir Thomas Gresham.
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