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Explaining Seoul’s Pink Parking Spaces For Women - CityLab
Many see women’s parking as part of a larger effort to provide safer spaces. Early this year, for example, Seoul Metro installed “scream sensors”—designed to automatically detect cries for assistance—in women’s bathrooms in several subway stations.
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Botanical Sexism Cultivates Home-Grown Allergies - Scientific American Blog Network
It’s the time year for watery eyes and itchy noses, and if you’re among the afflicted, you may be surprised to learn that decades of botanical sexism in urban landscapes have contributed to your woes.
Arborists often claim that all-male plants are “litter-free” because they shed no messy seeds, fruits or pods.
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Our data is valuable. Here's how we can take that value back
We must challenge the current narrative dominated by Silicon Valley’s leaky surveillance capitalism and dystopian models such as China’s social credit system. A New Deal on data, based on a rights-based, people-centric framework, which does not exploit personal data to pay for critical infrastructure, is long overdue.
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