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Travel information - The Basetrip
Find travel information about 230+ countries so you don't miss anything
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7 hours ago by robhawkes
Why 'Urban Villages' are on the Rise around the World - Resilience
That year, a team of researchers and local council staff joined forces and transformed West Norwood into a hub for community participation — also known as an urban village — and Trevor said it was the "start of a transformational journey" for him.
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11 hours ago by zesteur
How do you build a healthy city? Copenhagen reveals its secrets | Environment | The Guardian
The Danish capital ranks high on the list of the world’s healthiest and happiest cities. With obesity and depression on the rise worldwide, here are its lessons for how to combat them culturally Maybe it’s the Viking heritage.
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yesterday by jeffhammond
Robotaxi permit gets Arizona’s OK; Waymo will start service in 2018
On Friday, we discovered that Waymo, the self-driving Google spinoff, has been granted a permit to operate as a Transportation Network Company in the state of Arizona. This means that it can launch an official ride-hailing service and start charging customers for their journeys. It also confirms the findings of a recent report that put Waymo at the front of the autonomous vehicle pack, meaning my colleague Tim Lee was right when he said the launch of a commercial operation by Waymo in Arizona was imminent.
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2 days ago by mikael
Address Check
Post office lookup - Shows address and phone number of post office for address
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3 days ago by Daniel15
Sidewalk Labs: Google’s Guinea-Pig City in Toronto - The Atlantic
Instead of asking if this specific plan has promise, it might be better to pose more general questions: Who are cities for, and who gets to decide how they grow? Sidewalk Labs hopes the answer is technology companies. But the city still has a shot at responding to this assumption. The answer might have implications well beyond Toronto—eventually, it might impact cities everywhere.
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3 days ago by barbarafister

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