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Canary analysis: Lessons learned and best practices from Google and Waze
Waze, maker of the community-based traffic navigation app, estimates that canary releases can prevent a quarter of all incidents on their services.
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yesterday by davidmat
Travis CI Android example – Matti – Medium
Nov 22, 2016
This example will show you how to setup Travis continuous integration on your Android project. The example will work even if you’ve implemented Constraint Layout in your project.

What this’ll cover:

Setting up continuous integration on GitHub
Setting up Travis builds
Setting up automatic deployment to GitHub Releases
Note: Copying code from Medium doesn’t work really well, check out the code from here.

Travis will provide an image such as this to be put on your repository
Setting up continuous integration on GitHub
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yesterday by ndf
Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Azure
UI とか参考になりそう。
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2 days ago by summerwind
Docker容器搭建 Jenkines CI/CD踩坑记 - 简书
前言 周末闲来无事,尝试用 docker 搭建一个真实项目的CI/CD,作为非专业docker用户,在这个过程中遇到不少坑,到最后我选择了放弃,因为最终的结果让我并不满意,感觉跟传统的在宿主机上搭建差别并不大。 当然这可能是我个人对docker的了解还不够深入,如果对于我遇到的问题你有好的解决办法,或者说我走在了一条完全错误的解决道路上,还请联系我加以指正,必定万分感谢! 要达到的目标 ...
5 days ago by ianva
Gaia - Build powerful pipelines in any programming language
An open source automation platform which makes it easy and fun to build powerful pipelines in any programming language. Based on HashiCorp's go-plugin and gRPC, gaia is efficient, fast, lightweight, and developer friendly.

Develop powerful pipelines with the help of SDKs and simply check-in your code into a git repository. Gaia automatically clones your code repository, compiles your code to a binary, and executes it on-demand. All results are streamed back and formatted as a user-friendly graphical output.
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9 days ago by liqweed

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