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A Way to Share Secrets in Your Pipeline - YouTube
かなり具体的な話であった。AppRole ベースなのか。
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4 hours ago by summerwind
towncrier · PyPI
towncrier is a utility to produce useful, summarised news files for your project. Rather than reading the Git history as some newer tools to produce it, or having one single file which developers all write to, towncrier reads “news fragments” which contain information useful to end users.

Philosophy: towncrier delivers the news which is convenient to those that hear it, not those that write it.

That is, by duplicating what has changed from the “developer log” (which may contain complex information about the original issue, how it was fixed, who authored the fix, and who reviewed the fix) into a “news fragment” (a small file containing just enough information to be useful to end users), towncrier can produce a digest of the changes which is valuable to those who may wish to use the software. These fragments are also commonly called “topfiles” or “newsfiles” in Twisted parlance.

towncrier works best in a development system where all merges involve closing a ticket.
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15 hours ago by dserodio
gaia-pipeline/gaia: Build powerful pipelines in any programming language.
gaia is an open source automation platform which makes it easy and fun to build powerful pipelines in any programming language. Based on HashiCorp's go-plugin and gRPC, gaia is efficient, fast, lightweight and developer friendly. Gaia is currently alpha! Do not use it for mission critical jobs yet!
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20 hours ago by andrewsardone
Version control your Jenkins server configuration with Git
I’ve worked on a variety of continuous integration and continuous delivery projects. We frequently use Jenkins as our platform for driving all build, provisioning, and deployment activities. As part of this, we have a lot of fairly complicated jobs in Jenkins that we are constantly modifying. As a version control pundit, one of my goals …

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2 days ago by michaelfox

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