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Notre-Dame Attic Was Known as ‘the Forest.’ And It Burned Like One. - The New York Times

Some of those elements, like firewalls or a sprinkler system, were absent by choice — so as not to alter the landmark’s design or to introduce electrical wiring deemed a greater risk amid the timbers that supported Notre-Dame’s ornate lead roof.

“There had been a systematic refusal to install anything electrical” within “the forest” because of the risk, said Pierre Housieaux, president of the Paris Historical Association. “Everyone knew that the attic was the most fragile part.”

As flaming pieces of the upper structure fell to the cathedral floor, some of the interior furnishings also caught fire.

Firefighters deployed a robot equipped with tank-type treads and a camera to pull hoses into the cathedral and aim water at the flames. Firefighters also used aerial drones to get a view, including thermal imaging, into the inferno.

The firefighters brought out irreplaceable artifacts, including candelabras, statues, furnishings and religious relics like a linen fabric associated with Saint Louis, and what tradition holds is the crown of thorns worn by Jesus. Mayor Anne Hidalgo described seeing them passing treasures hand to hand in a human chain.

The Notre-Dame restoration project was to focus on reinforcing the spire and repairing some of the attic beams, said Olivier de Chalus, a construction engineer and volunteer guide at the cathedral. He described the structure under the roof as “the cathedral’s jewel, the true piece of art that wasn’t accessible to many.”
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“Lord, make me an idiot” – Snakes and Ladders
Got that? Okay, so: I’m going to ask you to imagine that Rod is absolutely correct about all this.

Have you done that? Okay, now do this: Imagine that Rod is not correct, that for the foreseeable future Christianity in America is going to stumble along in much the same way that it has been stumbling for all these many decades now.

Now let me ask you to think a third thought: How would God’s call upon your life differ depending on whether Rod’s reading of the signs of the times is correct?

I’m going to argue that it shouldn’t be different at all, in any respect whatsoever. For the Christian, genuine faithfulness always makes the same demand: the whole of your life. As Bonhoeffer says, “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.”
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(3) Harvest Church Glendale AZ - Home
Harvest Church Glendale AZ, Glendale, Arizona. 1.6K likes. We want to see families grow in the grace and knowledge of a loving Savior. Come find...
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I’m so excited that I’m going to be with my son and grandson for Easter weekend!

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Notre Dame Is the Burning Heart of Paris

It’s partly that, at 856 years old, Notre Dame has witnessed much of French history. It’s where Henry VI was crowned, and Napoleon became emperor. A few hours into the fire, French TV news was running everything from clips of François Mitterrand’s funeral to scenes from a movie version of Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

In his address to the nation, Mr. Macron described what Parisians are feeling as a “tremblement intérieur” — an internal trembling.

A hundred years from now, people will still be talking about the fire of 2019.
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Restoration by Michel Houellebecq and Geoffroy Lejeune | Articles | First Things
MH: What are, exactly, these centuries of the Church’s splendor? In my opinion, each of us has his era of predilection, and it seems to me that it is the architecture that allows us to situate ourselves. In a Romanesque cloister I feel at peace, connected to the divinity. With Gothic cathedrals, it’s already something different. Beauty takes on a character there that Kant will later call sublime (beauty accompanied by the sensation of danger, such as a great storm at sea, or a thunderstorm high in the mountains). In a baroque church it’s no good at all, I could just as well be in a palace, or at the theater.

It seems to me that the Church of Rome committed different errors at the beginning of the twelfth ­century: separating itself from the Eastern churches; trying to reconcile reason and faith; attempting to interfere in the affairs of temporal powers; and granting too much importance to the Final Judgment and, consequently, to questions of morality. These errors made possible the civilizational catastrophes that were the Greco-Latin Renaissance and, above all, Protestantism—which, through their related action, necessarily led to the Enlightenment, and thus to the crumbling of the whole thing. The evil thus comes from long ago.
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