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kdzwinel/SnappySnippet: Chrome extension that allows easy extraction of CSS and HTML from selected element.
This extension is pretty bad. The CSS it spits out is so over done and border line useless. At least for me in my one time usage of it. Might try again later.
css  sucks  dev  $project_2018_js  html  chrome_extensions 
11 weeks ago by skinnymuch
CSSSteal - Chrome extension that extracts CSS
We had to update some of our old pages adding new elements. This means mixing old and new code. Placing HTML markup and JavaScript in legacy pages is not that difficult. Yes, it brings some issues but they are easily solvable. However, the CSS is a whole new story. That’s why I did CSSSteal. It helps me extract the needed styles. / blog of Krasimir Tsonev - front and back-end developer who writes for web
css  dev  $project_2018_js  html  chrome_extensions 
11 weeks ago by skinnymuch
The Top 20 Chrome Extensions for Marketers
While most know that Chrome has a slew of valuable tools and extensions, the extension library can be difficult to navigate to find those true gems that will truly help marketers improve their workflows.
chrome_extensions  web_tools 
12 weeks ago by lnidoh
The 10 Best Extensions for Chrome Tab Management
arlier, one of the most useful Edge features — Set Aside — isn’t natively available in Chrome. For those who don’t know, Set Aside can minimize and restore all your open tabs with a single click. It will even remember them between sessions.

If you’d like similar functionality in Chrome, check out Hide Tabs Button. It places an icon in the Chrome Toolbar. When clicked, it’ll close all the tabs you have open. Like Set Aside, it’ll also remember them if you close Chrome completely.</bl...
Chrome  Chrome_Extensions 
march 2019 by ncage
Moon | Shop Online with Cryptocurrency
Shop with Bitcoin Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Browser extension. Uses Coinbase
bitcoin  cryptocurrencies  browser_extensions  chrome_extensions  startups  amazon  coinbase  payment_services 
march 2019 by skinnymuch
Followup Software
Problem is it works via Gmail. I don't want that. It's also built around keeping in contact it seems, not as a knowledge base. I'd want the latter.
personal_CRMs  freemium  gmail  chrome_extensions  SaaS 
september 2018 by skinnymuch

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