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How do you solve a problem like Wonga loans?
If you're looking to carry out an act of charity, a portfolio of Wonga loans might not be the most obvious place to start.

Last week, it was rumoured that the Church of England’s £8.3bn investment fund would buy the loans. The idea, which had been proposed by Labour MP Frank Field, was that it would be able to benevolently engage with the borrowers, or reduce repayments.
On Friday, the church confirmed in a statement that it had considered such a move, but would not be participating in any buy out of the UK loan book, having concluded it was “not as well placed as others to take this forward”. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, said he would continue to look at ways to help borrowers, and “if we make the economy fairer for all, we will also make it stronger. When prosperity and justice go hand in hand, every part of society benefits”.
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The politics of faith (Frank Field in the Times)
I have never consciously thought of taking one course of action rather than another because I am a Christian. This may be because my Christian faith is too much founded on doubt to be the steady guide that it is to many Christians in politics. I have never known, as those from the Evangelical wing of the Church do, a particular presence of Jesus.

I was brought up as a Christian at St Nicholas’, an Anglican church in Chiswick, West London. It had a restrained Catholic worship, but a strong distaste of any excess of church millinery. It also lacked, as I was later to learn from my reading, a sense of a Church Militant (Christians on Earth struggling against sin). It did teach me the Catholic faith.
What St Nicholas’ gave me was a more valuable gift in trying to see the world in sacramental terms. Here, in this wonderful JL Pearson church, situated at one end of Chiswick mall, the essence of the Chris
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16 hours ago by seatrout
Flirting with schism
The Jesuit John O’Malley’s latest book on the theological movements that set the stage for Vatican I helps us see the many similarities between nineteenth-century Ultramontanism and early-twenty-first-century traditionalist Catholic Americanism.In both movements, the game is played mostly by journalists and other lay intellectuals whose understanding of the church is essentially political rather than spiritual. They celebrate the church as an institution that can withstand modernity, and especially the modern state.They have little or no interest in ecclesiology or sacramental theology—or anything else that cannot be easily weaponized against their political enemies.The geopolitical crisis. The Catholic media outlets that have been an integral part of the Viganò operation want to recapture Rome but have little knowledge of Rome or, for that matter, the global church.For them, the whole Catholic Church is the American Catholic Church writ large. Philadelphia is not the new A
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Jackie Hill Perry: I Loved My Girlfriend—but God Loved Me More | Christianity Today
How an epiphany about the wages of my sin opened the door for his cleansing light.
3 days ago by fairyrevel
Book of Revelation - Wikipedia
but this does not require that Revelation was written in the 60s, as there was a widespread belief in later decades that Nero would return.[12][4]
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Opinion | Conservatism After Christianity - The New York Times
his seems to support the argument, advanced by Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner among others, that support for populism correlates with a kind of communal breakdown, in which secularization is one variable among many leaving people feeling isolated and angry, and drawing them to the ersatz solidarity of white identity politics.
This suggests a possibility that should worry both Trump’s religious supporters and anyone who finds his style of conservatism racially toxic. Despite their resistance to that toxicity, the churchgoers in this survey did vote for him, making a pragmatic bet that his policies on abortion and religious liberty were worth living with his Caligulan personal life and racial demagoguery.
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