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Pool truck crashed in Cape Coral, spilling chlorine onto Del Pra
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Hazmat teams are responding to a crash involving a pool truck that spilled chlorine on the road.

The crash happened at the intersection of Del Prado Boulevard North and Malagrotta Circle, and Cape Coral police are on the scene.

The southbound lanes of Del Prado were closed but were cleared and reopened.
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16 days ago by dchas
Harrison County chlorine leak resolved
March 31st 2019 — Multiple departments responded to a chlorine leak Sunday at the Cadiz Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Officials on scene said a 150 gallon tank inside the plant sprung a leak.

The Jefferson County HAZMAT unit was called in as a precaution.

Officials said that they leak has been cleaned up, and that there is no danger to the public.
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20 days ago by dchas
No Injuries During Chlorine Leak at Wastewater Plant
SHADYSIDE — Firefighters and a hazmat unit were called in Friday to contain a chlorine leak inside the Shadyside Wastewater Treatment Plant.

OR&W Fire District Assistant Fire Chief John Shaver said employees discovered a detection alarm going off before 7 a.m. and called 911 for help. The small leak was caused by a chlorine regulator malfunctioning. Although a backup regulator began to work, a small amount of the chlorine did escape into the room.

Belmont County Emergency Management Agency Director Dave Ivan said the chlorine was in a gas form. A hazmat team from Belmont County was called in to help determine the cause of the leak.
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22 days ago by dchas
Chemical Leak At Water Works Plant Could Be Cause Of Dying Trees
BIRMINGHAM, AL - A chemical leak at the Birmingham Water Works Shades Mountain Filter Plant on US 280 that sent more than 50 people to the hospital Feb. 27 may have affected several trees surrounding the plant. Complaints from neighbors who have seen their pine trees turn brown has the BWWB investigating the matter.

"An accidental mix of sodium hypochlorite (which is essentially bleach) and ferric sulfate caused a chlorine off gas at our Shades Mountain Filter Plant," the BWWB said at the time of the leak. "We use these components to treat water as our normal practice, however they are not meant to be mixed together."

Water Works employees and people nearby who breathed in the gas were treated at local hospitals, but no serious injuries were reported.

The Birmingham Fire Department reported that hazmat entry teams closed the valves involved in the contamination, and officials determined that the issue had been resolved without further incident. However, since the leak, a large number of pine trees around the plant have shown signs of discoloration, including in a residential neighborhood and nearby church in Mountain Brook. Initially the BWWB denied any responsibility for the problems with the trees. The BWWB has since backtracked on that denial and said they are investigating the matter.
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26 days ago by dchas
Firefighters respond to possible chlorine leak at Armed Forces Retirement Home
GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport fire crews are currently at the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) in Gulfport to investigate a reported chlorine leak. It was reported a little after 3 p.m.
Gulfport Fire Chief Michael Beyerstedt described the leak as a hazmat incident. He says the leak is in an outbuilding at the facility. Beyerstedt said workers noticed a strong chlorine odor. When they went to check on it. the smell was too strong for them to enter the building.
Firefighters are putting on their level one hazmat suits to go into the building.
“Hopefully, it’s a matter of shutting off a valve to stop the leak,” Beyerstedt said.
Residents watched everything from their balconies as the threat posed very little danger to them. A pair of firefighters were seen going into a fenced-in area where the chlorine tanks are. After the returned, they were scrubbed down.
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4 weeks ago by dchas
Changing the Chlorine Levels in Your Swimming Pool
If you haven’t done it yet, you will need to check how much chlorine is in your swimming pool water.
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5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Crews respond to chlorine leak at WPAFB water plant 
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — People in two Wright-Patterson Air Force Base facilities were forced to shelter in place Wednesday due to a chemical leak. 

At 12:15 p.m., the Wright-Patt Fire Department responded to an alarm in building 855, a water treatment facility in Area A of the base, spokeswoman Marie Vanover said via email. There, first responders found a 150-pound cylinder of chlorine leaking and immediately cordoned off the surrounding area.

Exposure to high concentrations of chlorine can cause blurred vision, blisters, coughing, nausea and vomiting, among other symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 
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6 weeks ago by dchas
Laramie Recreation Center evacuated after chlorine spill
The Laramie Community Recreation Center was evacuated Tuesday morning after a chemical spill.

Assistant City Manager Todd Feezer said chlorine was spilled after a staff member accidentally mixed a small amount of acid into the chlorine tanks during a chemical transfer, causing an “unfortunate combination of chemicals.” The evacuation was to allow for the spill to be cleaned and the chlorine fumes to dissipate.

“We’re very grateful that we didn’t have any dangerous exposure to staff or participants or residents of this community,” Feezer said.

Chlorine gas can be dangerous if inhaled. The Laramie Fire Department responded to the scene as both LFD and as a hazmat team through Wyoming Regional Emergency Response Team No. 3. The responders used air quality monitors to test the amount of the toxic chlorine gas still in the Recreation Center’s air.
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6 weeks ago by dchas
Hazmat team called out to OUC water plant after chemical leak
The Orlando Fire Department hazardous-materials team responded to an Orlando Utilities Commission water plant Wednesday night after a chemical leak, a spokesman said.

There was a report of a chlorine leak about 7 p.m. at the Kirkman Road facility, OUC spokesman Tim Trudell said.

It’s not clear how big the leak was, but it did not escape the facility, Trudell said. There were no injuries and no one was in the building at the time, he said.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Pee, not chlorine, causes red eyes from swimming pools: CDC | CBC News
U.S. public health officials confirm that it's not chlorine giving red-eye to swimmers, as many believe — it's people who pee in the pool.
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8 weeks ago by pmigdal
Chlorine Identified As Chemical Involved In Ennis Hotel Incident
Clare County Council has confirmed high levels of chlorine have been identified as the chemical found in water being pumped from an Ennis Hotel.

Emergency services were alerted to a flooding incident in the Leisure centre at the Auburn Lodge Hotel in Ennis this morning, and while initial test results were clear, chemicals were discovered once fire crews began pumping water away.

The contaminated water is being disposed of at local licenced waste facility.

The hotel remains open though the leisure centre may remain closed for up to 48 hours to deal with the incident fully.

A spokesperson from the the Auburn Hotel has confirmed that the hotel “had a leak in the basement area of the Leisure Centre, in accordance with our safety plan the area was isolated and emergency service called”.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Accidental Creation Of Chlorine Gas Causes Evacuation At PCMR Restaurant
A popular restaurant on Park City Mountain Resort was evacuated Friday morning so a hazmat team could take care of a dangerous substance.

Around 10:15 am on Friday, Park City Fire Department received a phone call that chlorine gas had accidently been created at the Summit House cafeteria located at the top of Bonanza Express. Which caused an evacuation of the building. Park City Battalion Chief Steve Zwirn explains how that happened.

“The cleaning crew was working at the Summit House on Park City Mountain Resort cleaning the bathrooms.” Battalion Chief Zwirn said, “They mixed bleach, and ammonia into a spray bottle, a spritzer bottle. When you mix bleach and ammonia you create Chlorine Gas. When they started to spritz the bottle or spray the mixture out, they were basically breathing a cloud of Chlorine Gas. Two people, to my knowledge, were in the room when they did that. Both of which were transported by the ski patrol to a local clinic.”
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10 weeks ago by dchas
'All-clear' given after chlorine spill at University School of Nashville
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - The 'all-clear' has been given after a chlorine spill Thursday morning in the pool area at University School of Nashville.

According to the Nashville Fire Department, the Emergency Communications Center received a call from someone at the school at 9:13 a.m. stating there was a spill of chlorine.

The spill was large enough that it required students to be moved to a different part of the building.

A maintenance worker inhaled the chlorine and went to the emergency room at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to be checked out, fire officials said.

Hazmat and medic units responded to the school to determine the extent of the leak.
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11 weeks ago by dchas
Kids love 's Ned so I decide to create a small animation for Ned <{•.•}>
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BFD responding to bucket of chlorine bubbling outside of SW Bakersfield home
A bucket of chlorine outside of a Southwest Bakersfield home lead to a response from the City of Bakersfield Fire Department and BPD.

According to BPD, officers were called out to the 2800 block of Flint Hills Drive in Southwest Bakersfield around 9:45 a.m. for a possible hazmat situation. BFD says that initial reports were of a container bubbling over.

When firefighters arrived, BFD says they determined it was pool shock reacting to the rain.
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january 2019 by dchas
Hazmat unit called to chlorine scare at Parkridge Centre
Saskatoon fire crews, a hazmat team and a decontamination unit responded to a hazardous materials call Tuesday morning at Parkridge Centre, a long-term care home located in the city’s west end.

Crews discovered chlorine gas, a toxic and corrosive material, shortly after they arrived around 10 a.m.

In a media release, Saskatoon fire said it was caused by an error while mixing chlorine powder with water.

Two Parkridge employees were treated at the scene but declined to be taken to hospital.
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january 2019 by dchas
Picatinny Arsenal chlorine leak under control
ROCKAWAY TWP. -- A chlorine leak Tuesday afternoon at Picatinny Arsenal was brought under control with minimal spread into the air.

A caller reported smelling an odor of chlorine in the area shortly after 1:30 p.m., according to Public Affairs Specialist Eric Kowal.

Picatinny Arsenal Fire & Emergency Services quickly responded. Members of the Morris County HAZMAT team also were called to the scene as a precaution after initial reports suggested the possibility of a chemical spill.

However, authorities determined that there was only a small leak and no actual spill, Kowal said.

"There was a small leak in a supply unit for one of our two water treatment facilities, but the amount was negligible," he said. "No one had to be evacuated or treated, and at no time did the leak pose a threat."
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january 2019 by dchas
Elks Point Road in Round Hill reopening after chlorine gas leak
Elks Point Road in Round Hill will be reopening shortly following a nearly four-hour closure due to a chlorine gas leak.

The leak occurred in a research and development building at the corner of Elks Point Road and U.S. 50, Eric Guevin, fire marshal with the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District, told the Tribune.

The gas, which is toxic, was confined to a safety cabinet in the building.

While nobody was exposed to the gas, the leak did warrant a response from a four-county HAZMAT team. The necessary response prolonged the road closure, which is on the portion of Elks Point Road adjacent to the Round Hill Shopping Center.
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january 2019 by dchas

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