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TikTok in India: Where uncute content is ready to ring the till | FactorDaily
t’s the subtle social media transition that we talked about earlier? If Instagram was the destination for all things beautiful that India’s upper and wannabe classes flocked to, TikTok is rooted in hinterland India with a focus on talents sans make-up or filters.
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56 minutes ago by JINYONG86
U.S. Wrangles China for Firm Commitments as Trade Talks Continue
As President Trump dangles the possibility of extending a March deadline to reach a trade deal with China, his advisers are trying to secure firm commitments from Beijing to purchase more American products, prevent currency manipulation and end its practice of forcing American companies to hand over valuable technology.
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3 hours ago by noiseguy
Stop Asking Women About Childbearing Status, China Tells Employers
The Chinese government, which has struggled to keep women from leaving the labor force, is taking new steps to combat sex discrimination in the workplace, including prohibiting employers from asking applicants about their marital or childbearing status.
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3 hours ago by noiseguy
Chinese Girl Finds a Way Out of Tedious Homework: Make a Robot Do It
The debate lit up Chinese social media this week after The Qianjiang Evening News reported that a teenage girl had found a loophole for her homework: She bought a robot that mimicked her handwriting. Instead of having to manually copy phrases or selections from a textbook dozens of times, a repetitive task common in learning Chinese, she could just teach the robot to do it for her.
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3 hours ago by noiseguy
China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise
The Chinese authorities turned to a Massachusetts company and a prominent Yale researcher as they built an enormous system of surveillance and control.
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4 hours ago by noiseguy
Baidu Profit Plunges 50% as iQiyi Video Unit Saps Bottom Line
Continuing losses from the online video unit iQiyi created much of the drag on Baidu’s bottom line, even as iQiyi posted strong revenue growth. Baidu shares were up 3.7% in after-hours trading shortly after the results came out, while separately listed iQiyi shares were down nearly 1%.
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8 hours ago by jayyy
The Little-Known Security Gaps In China's Belt and Road Initiative | The National Interest
Most of the infrastructure is protected by Chinese private security companies. Many of these companies lack experience and training in conflict and combat situations.
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10 hours ago by jayyy
Lightspeed China raises $560 million, eyes enterprise and deep tech opportunities · TechNode
“It will be more difficult for “me-too” companies to raise funds, and thus promotes healthier development of the industry,” Mi told TechNode. “This would divert the companies from an unhealthy growth path that’s heavily reliant on cash-burning wars.”
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10 hours ago by jayyy
TPG and CICC Capital Jointly Establish China Synergy Platform
TPG, the leading global alternative asset firm, and CICC Capital, the private equity arm of China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) (3908. HK), China's preeminent investment bank, signed an agreement to jointly establish the China Synergy platform. This flagship platform is set up with a USD/RMB dual-currency structure to give it flexibility to target investment opportunities both in China and overseas that will benefit from the key trends in the Chinese economy, under...
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11 hours ago by jayyy

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